What is Brendan Schaub’s Net Worth?


Brendan Schaub’s net worth was $2 million as of August 2022.

Brendan Peter Schaub, an American comedian and podcast host, is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter. In 2015, he officially retired from mixed martial arts (MMA).

Schaub co-hosts The Fighter and the Kid podcast with Bryan Callen since 2014. Schaub also hosts Below the Belt, a solo podcast with Brendan Schaub.

Early Life

Brendan Peter Schaub was born in Aurora, Colorado, on March 18, 1983. He is Debra and Peter Schaub’s son. Both his parents are German.

Although he did not receive any college athletic scholarships, he applied for Whittier College’s football and lacrosse teams and was accepted.

Schaub was not drafted by the NFL in 2006, but he would be signed later by the Buffalo Bills to their practice team.


Schaub began his professional career in 2009. Schaub signed with UFC in 2009 to participate in the tenth series of The Ultimate Fighter. He defeated Demico Rogers in his first fight, beating him via an anaconda choke and first-round submission.

Schaub defeated Jon Madsen by KO punch, in round 2.

Marcus Jones was defeated by Schaub via KO punches, in the semi-finals. His official UFC debut was when he faced Roy Nelson in The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights Finale. In the first round, he lost via KO punch.

Schaub would then take on Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 121. Schaub won via unanimous decision. Frank Mir and Schaub were tentatively booked to fight at UFC 128 in 2011

He lost to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in the same year via KO punches, in round one. At UFC 145, he lost his second fight in a row to Ben Rothwell via KO punches. Schaub was scheduled to face Lavar Johns on December 8, 2012, at UFC on Fox 5.

Schaub announced his retirement from MMA in 2015 as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.


Here are some of the best highlights of Brendan Schaub’s career:

  • The Ultimate Fighter (Television Series, 2009)
  • The Fighter and the Kid (Comedy Podcast)
  • Been doing stand-up since 2015

Three Motivational Lessons From Brendan Schaub

Now that you’re familiar with Brendan Schaub and his net worth, let’s look at some of the lessons he has taught us.

1. You are the only person who can bring yourself happiness

You can’t do it alone: no boyfriend, girlfriend, job, money, or material possessions. Happiness is what you create within yourself.

2. It is inevitable that you will experience pain in your life.

Sometimes, I wonder if this is a requirement of living… that each of us must experience some kind of pain. You can ask for help when it is needed because people are more understanding than you might expect.

When someone comes to your aid because of their pain, be kind and listen. You will find that you are stronger and wiser for having overcome your pain. Looking back, you will be grateful for the lessons you have learned.

3. You can achieve anything these days

Don’t be afraid of pursuing your dreams. It’s possible to achieve… more than you can ever imagine. It all depends on you and how much it is important to you.

Favorite Quotes From Brendan Schaub

I always wondered, like, you know how you go to the family barbecue, and your uncle is that funny guy that you laugh at because he’s family? That’s how I felt with ‘Fighter and the Kid.’ People would laugh at my stuff, but it was always tough for me to tell. I just needed to see if there was something going on.

In comedy, when you bomb, especially at The Comedy Store in front of a sold-out house? I think it would have been way worse if I bombed there than losing a UFC fight.