What is Busta Rhymes’ Net Worth?


Busta Rhymes’s network is approximately $20 Million as of July 2022.

Busta Rhymes is an internationally-recognized celebrity, who is best known for his rapping, acting and record production. His many years of experience in music have also allowed him to develop a taste for fashion, which has helped many artists like himself to copy his style.

Early Life

Trevor George Smith Jr. is better known as Busta Rhymes. He was born May 20, 1972 in New York City. Trevor Smith Sr. was his father and Geraldine Green was his mother.

Busta graduated in Brooklyn from George Westinghouse High School. She was well-liked and popular at school.


Busta’s musical career began in 1989 with Charlie Brown. They soon became an integral part of the well-known hip-hop group ‘Public Enemy.

Busta’s first album was called “a future without the past” and it was a significant moment in his life.

The album was a commercial success that grew his career enormously. Soon, he began to make music with other well-known artists and his music was loved and heard all over the world.

His debut album, ‘The Coming’ was released in 1996. Other hits include “Woo Hah!” and “The Coming”. Other hits include ‘Give Me All the Check’ and “Put Your hands where my eyes could see.”

He has also won numerous singles, including ‘What’s it Gonna be’, Look at Me Now, and ‘Don’t Cha.

Busta Rhymes is worth $20 Million as of July 2022.


Here are some of the best highlights of Busta Rhyme’s career:


  • Best Hot Ticket Performer – BET Awards (2006)
  • Video of the Year – BET Awards (2002 & 2011)
  • Viewers Choice – BET Awards (2011)
  • Best Hip Hop Video – BET Awards (2011)
  • Best Collaboration – BET Awards (2011)


  • The Coming (1996)
  • When Disaster Strikes… (1997)
  • Anarchy (2000)
  • Genesis (2001)
  • The Big Bang (2006)
  • The Return of the Dragon (2016)

Three Rules Of Success From Busta Rhymes

Now that you are familiar with Busta Rhymes and his net worth, let us take a look at some of his lessons.

1. Express yourself

Find a place to vent and share your opinions and thoughts so you can express your feelings in a healthy manner and not just keep them inside.

2. Maintain multiple support systems

Don’t depend on one person as your only support system. You never know what could happen. It is healthy to have several systems that support you financially, emotionally, and mentally so that you always have a backup.

3. The truth is not always pretty

Sometimes people will hide the truth or try to avoid it because it is uncomfortable. But sometimes, it must be said. It is great to have platforms where people can share their knowledge and voice their opinion.

Favorite Quotes From Busta Rhymes

I’m working to make it possible for me to have multiple outlets and to be able to rely on as much as possible financially, emotionally, and mentally.

I feel that the quality of privacy has been lost and people are not respected in their personal spaces. You can ask me to take the photograph. I would be delighted to pose and take a photo.