What is Caitlyn Jenner’s Net Worth?


Caitlyn Jennifer’s net worth as of July 2022 is approximately $100 Million.

Caitlyn Marie Jenner was born William Bruce Jenner and is an American retired Olympic medalist. Her first recognition was when she won the 1976 Olympics decathlon in Montreal.

After her fame as an Olympic athlete, she switched to television, film, and writing. Her most notable accomplishment is her announcement as a transgender woman.

Early Life

Caitlyn Marie Jenner was born William Bruce Jenner in Mount Kisco, New York, on October 28, 1949. She is the sister of Pam and Lisa. Her father was an arborist. In 1976 her brother Burt died in a car accident in Canton.

Jenner became an Olympic star after Jenner achieved her success. Jenner was later diagnosed with dyslexia. Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are her daughters, and Kris Jenner was her wife. They also star in the reality series Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Jenner attended Sleepy Hollow High School in New York during her freshman year.

After being a good football player her senior season, she had to give up due to a knee injury. She was introduced to decathlon after her injury.


Olympic Career

Jenner was the American Decathlon Champion in 1974. Her story was published in the magazine Track & Field News the same year. While on tour in 1975, Jenner won the French national title and received a Pan American Games medal.

Jenner was featured in the sports magazine Sports Illustrated1976 and on the cover of Playgirl Magazine. She is also known as a decathlon champion.

Television and film careers

Jenner starred in Can’t Stop The Music (1980) which was well-received by critics. This resulted in Jenner being nominated for the Golden Rasberry Awards for Worst Actor.

Her acting career was made more successful by her roles in Grambling’s White Tiger (1981) and A Olympic Love Story (1980).

Jenner was awarded the Social Media Queen title at the Teen Choice Awards in August 2015. She was also featured in Glamour for being the Women of the Year. Jenner called herself a “Trans Champion”.

She has appeared on numerous reality and game show shows. She starred as Grits Gresham in an episode of ABC’s The American Sportsman. E! has featured Jenner since 2007. Jenner, along with Kris Jenner, has starred in E!

Caitlyn revealed she was transgender in 2015 during an interview. She stated that she had suffered from gender dysphoria ever since she was a child. She has been transgender for many years. Jenner had cosmetic surgery over a decade ago and sex reassignment.

After her 2015 coming out, she is well-known for being the most prominent openly transgender person in the world. She is an inspiration to the LGBT community.


Here are some highlights from Caitlyn Jenners’ career:


  • The Golden Moment (1980)
  • Can’t Stop The Music (1980)
  • Keeping Up with The Kardashians (2007-)
  • The Hungover Games (2014)
  • I Am Cait (2015-)
  • The Trans List (2016)
  • USA Outdoor Track And Field Championships (National Event, 1st Place 1974)
  • Pan American Games (1st, 1975 Mexico)
  • Olympic Games (1stplace, 1976 Canada)
  • United States Olympic Trials (First Place, 1976, National Event)
  • My Life’s Secrets (A book Jenner wrote and published in 2017)
  • ESPY Awards 2015 (Jenner delivered a moving speech)
  • Teen Choice Awards (Social Media Queen, 2015)

Three Success Tips From Caitlyn Jenner

Now that you’re familiar with Caitlyn’s net worth and how she became successful, let’s examine some of her lessons.

1. Don’t place labels on other people

It is time to stop judging people. People should be addressed the way that they request to be addressed.

2. Family Support is Vital

Love is unconditional. All people deserve to love and be respected for who they truly are.

3. Trans lives matter

High levels of suicide, homelessness and murder are common in the trans community. It is essential to make fundamental changes. We need to get to know and support trans people. It is our responsibility to make the world a better place.

Favorite Quotes From Caitlyn Jenner

Sexuality is what you feel attracted to… but gender identity is what you really are.

People go through life and don’t deal with their own issues. Yet, many people waste their entire lives because they can’t deal with their own issues.