What is Charlie Day’s Net Worth?


Charlie Day’s net worth was $30 million as of August 2022.

Charlie Day is an American actor and screenwriter from The Bronx.

He is most well-known for his role as Charlie Kelly in “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, for which he was nominated for the Critics Choice Television Award for Best Actor, Comedy Series.

Early Life

Charles Peckham was a child of the Bronx in New York on the 9th of February 1976. He is the youngest of two children and has an older sister, Alice.

Mary Day was Mary’s piano teacher at The Pennfield School, Portsmouth, Rhode Island. His father, Dr. Thomas Charles Day is a retired professor at Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island.


Charlie Day started his career on ‘Law & Order’ in 2001. He was also a part of the television crime series Third Watch, which aired for six seasons on NBC until May 2005.

He starred in 2004’s episode of Reno 911! as Inbred Twin. Comedy Central aired the series.

He was again cast in “Horrible Bosses 2”, the sequel to his comedy film “Horrible Bosses”. Jennifer Aniston was his co-star. She played a sex-addict dentist. In the sequel, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis were also featured.

Day portrayed Benny in “Lego Dimensions” the next year, an action-adventure videogame developed by Traveller’s Tales that was published by Warner Bros.

He once again voiced Benny in the 2016 short-attraction film “The Lego Movie: 4D-A New Adventure.” In the same year, he also played Jason in the comedy film “The Hollars,” directed by John Krasinski.


These are some of Charlie Day’s greatest moments:

  • Horrible Bosses 2 (Movie, 2014) 
  • Vacation (Movie, 2015) 
  • Fist Fight (Movie, 2017) 

Three Great Lessons From Charlie Day

We now know all about Charlie Day’s net worth and how he became successful. Let’s look at the most important lessons we can learn.

1. There is no task too tedious

Cleaning floors. Clean toilets. Changing kegs. Catching rats. Charlie Kelly can do it all in one day. These janitorial duties that keep Paddy’s Pub afloat are called “Charlie Work.”

Frank, Dee, Mac, and Dennis don’t want to have to do the same grunt work as Charlie. Charlie taught us that even the most infuriating, disgusting, and degrading tasks are essential to maintaining a smooth operation. Thanks, Charlie!

2. Persistence is key

Never give up. These three words have been Charlie’s mantra throughout his entire life. His Green Man mascot idea in high school was called pooh-pooh’d.

He didn’t let that stop him from constantly resurrecting the all-green suit to play Green Man at an Eagles audition (“The Band Gets Invincible”) or to challenge the (also green!) Philly Phanatic to be the best baseball mascot (“The World Series Defense”)

3. Emotional turmoil is the best muse ever

Charlie can be a bit of a helper in the creative area by puffing glue and paint. Charlie encourages us all to use our creativity and create artistic lemonade from the lemonade of life.

Favorite Quotes From Charlie Day

When I started acting, I thought I would like the Williamstown Theater Festival. I then moved to New York and was limited to Law and Order. I was playing parts on Third Watch but I was never able to get any part in the comedy.

You had a fight scene, right? Through the first half, I am a fairly straight man surrounded by Tracy and Jillian. Then I start to unravel. Sometimes I even get those elements from a comedy movie.