What is Chloe Green’s Net Worth?


Chloe Green is worth $100 million, as of June 2022.

Chloe Green is the child of Sir Philip Green, a British billionaire who also runs a retail business.

The controversial tycoon was recently hit by a PS135m profit crash and now owns a number of retailers, including Topshop, and Topman, and is also the chairman of the Arcadia Group retail company.

Early Life

Chloe Green, a daughter of Brandon and Chloe, was born in England on March 2, 1991. Green has a younger sibling, Brandon. Beyonce was famously present at Brandon’s bar mitzvah.

She also has brothers and sisters named Stasha, Brett, and Brandon.


Green is an Instagrammer who’s a socialite and doesn’t mind sharing images of her lavish lifestyle. She is the heiress of the Topshop fortune and can often be seen enjoying life to its fullest in luxury.

She’s now more likely to be seen on the yacht deck – which is not surprising considering she spent much of her childhood on Lionchase, her father’s 109-foot yacht.

Jayden was born to Chloe Green on May 29, 2018. On June 7, she posted the following message on Instagram: “We are happy to announce the birth our beautiful baby boy Jayden Meks-Green.”

Sun Online reported in May 2018 that the couple was planning to have their baby aboard a super yacht in the Mediterranean and live there for six months. The pair were recently photographed kissing while on a romantic boat trip off Sardinia.


These are some of the greatest highlights from Chloe Green’s career:

  • Green is the daughter of British billionaire and retail businessman Sir Philip Green
  • Sir Philip Green is the owner of a string of retailers including Topshop and Topman and is the chairman of the retail company the Arcadia Group

Three Life Lessons from Chloe Green

Now that you’re familiar with Chloe Green and her net worth, let’s look at the most important lessons we can learn.

1. Listen To Everyone

Older, wiser, better. Hear them out if they’ve been there and done it. They are likely to know what they’re talking about.

2. You Need Stickability

Many will abandon their boat when things get difficult or the water is too strong. But perseverance is key to reaping the rewards.

It is important to be able to rise up regardless of the circumstances, no matter how difficult they are, and keep trying until you succeed.

3. Know your limits

You will have to learn some things that you cannot understand. Do not get too focused on these things. Know your limits.

Favorite Quotes from Chloe Green 

“Oh my god. I was living with my father, but as a girl, you need your own space. I spent several years looking for something I liked, and then I told my dad that this flat would make a great investment. Let’s purchase something. This was the way it went. It wasn’t like I said, “Please buy this for me em>