What is David Diaz’s Net Worth?


David Diaz is an American retired boxer.

Diaz has won 36 fights in his forty-year career.

He is also a former World champion and three-time Golden Gloves National Light-Weight champion. He was a professional boxer when he first made his debut in 1996 against Marcos Antonio Rodriguez.

David Diaz’s net worth is approximately $15 million, as of 2022.

Early Life

David Diaz was a Chicago native, born on 7th June 1976.

Diaz has been a notable fighter in the lightweight division. His strong amateur record included 175 fights. He made his pro debut in November 1996 and beat Marcos Antonio Rodriguez.


Diaz had an unbeaten record of 26-0 and was defeated by Jose Armando Santa Cruz in the interim title match. He lost to Kendall Holt via TKO in round 8. Jose Armando Santa Cruz was defeated by Diaz for the interim title.

He won the title again the next year after Joel Casamayor, the champion was stripped of his title because he had signed to fight Acelino Frieda in a rematch rather than defend himself against him.

In 2007, Diaz defeated Erik Morales of Mexico, winning his title by unanimous decision. Diaz lost the title to Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas in 2007. The 9th round of TKO earned Pacquiao his fifth World Championship in five weight divisions.

In 2009, Diaz fought Jesus Chavez and won by majority decision. Diaz faced Humberto Soto in 2010 for his WBC lightweight title. This title had just been vacated by Edwin Valero on the undercard to Pacquiao’s fight against Joshua Clottey.


Here are some highlights of David Diaz’s career:

  • 3 x Golden Gloves National light welterweight champion
  • His last boxing match was (2011)

Three Inspirational Lessons from David Diaz

Now that we know everything about David Diaz and his net worth, let us take a look at some of his lessons.

1. Aim for a Goal

Your goal should be to make you jump out of bed each morning.

2. Smile

Every day, smile and be positive.

3. Our Time Is Limited

The cost of a day is high. Spending a day means you have one less day. Make sure to spend each one wisely.

Favorite Quotes From David Diaz

“That was a wonderful moment in my life. My family and friends all attended that fight. Funny thing is that I was having a great time in Florida when I received the call for that fight. When I received the call, I had to quit drinking and partying. However, I was given two months’ notice of the fight, which was fine for me. I felt that I won comfortably in that fight.”

“If you take a look at those first rounds, you will see that I said that the punches weren’t hurting me. It was just the speed and accumulation. I was honestly not hurt. However, I made the terrible mistake of going to him and lowering my, hand. He caught me, and I went to sleep .”

His speed was what made him such an outstanding fighter. While I had fought fast men like Zab Judah in the past, Pacquiao was something I’d never seen before. I would block one shot, and he would hit me with another !”