What is Devin Booker’s Net Worth?


Devin Booker, an American professional basketball player, plays for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA.

Booker was a student at Moss Point High School in Mississippi. He participated in the 2014 McDonald’s All-American Game. After that, he played one season of college basketball for the University of Kentucky.

Devin Booker has a net worth of approximately $30 million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Devin Armani Booker was born in Michigan on the 30th of October 1996.

His father was a young ‘NBA player who met Veronica on one of his tours with the ‘Continental Basketball Association.

Devin’s parents made the decision to take care of Devin after Devin was born. However, Devin stayed with his mom while his father continued his international basketball career.


Booker was chosen by the Phoenix Suns as the 13th overall pick in 2015. Devin averaged over 15 points per game in his first seven games of the ‘Summer League. This was a testament to his skill.

He made his professional debut in the NBA against the Dallas Mavericks just two days before his nineteenth birthday. He was 18 years old, making him the first-ever ‘NBA’ player to debut.

His remarkable performance in his rookie year earned him the praises of basketball legends Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. He was fourth in the 2016 race for the ‘Rookies of the Year award.

To finish his 21st professional game with more than 30 points, he scored 34 against the Portland Trail Blazers in 2017. This made him the third player in NBA history to accomplish the feat.

Three Powerful Lessons from Devin Booker

Now that you have a good idea of Devin Booker’s net worth and his success story, let’s look at some lessons we can take from him.

1. Mindset is everything

You can do it, regardless of whether you believe you can or not.

2. Opportunity Employer

Employers have equal opportunities when it comes to time.

Every human being is given exactly the same amount of hours and minutes each day. The richest people cannot buy more hours. Scientists cannot invent new minutes. You can’t save your time to use it for another day. Time is amazingly forgiving and fair.

3. Create Goals For Yourself

Do not wish it were easier. Wish you were better.

Favorite Quotes From Devin Booker

I am not the strongest or fastest. I cannot jump the highest. It takes a lot of work. It is important to learn the game.

Kobe said that 30 points are a lot to him and that he was different from most people. He stated that he didn’t set a limit and that this is something that sticks with him. He never set a limit for himself, and I don’t place any limits on anything.