What is DJ Snake’s Net Worth?


DJ Snake, is a French DJ and record producer from Paris.

DJ Snake was first on the international music scene in 2013 with the singles Bird Machine’ and Turn Down for What. He is regarded as one of the top DJs of our time.

Early Life

William Sami Etienne Grigahcine was born in Paris on 13 June 1986.

Grigahcine is the child of Algerian immigrants. Snake, who considered the neighborhood where he grew to be a slum, left school at 15 and began working in a Paris-based record store.

DJ Snake encountered many well-known rappers and EDM DJs as he worked in the record shop.


DJ Snake scored his first big break when he connected with Paul Blair, Lady Gaga’s DJ on the road.

Blair chose five songs from the 20 originals that Snake had composed, and the latter later integrated them with ‘Government Hooker.’

DJ Snake collaborated on the single “Turn down for What” by Lil Jon that Columbia Records released in December 2013. The song reached the top 10 of Billboard’s Electronic Dance Music charts in the same month and the same year.

Island Records distributed and promoted DJ Snake’s remix of ‘You Know You Like IT’ in 2014. The remixed track reached the top spot on Billboard Dance Mix/Show Airplay charts, reaching number one in both Rhythmic Songs (2015:) and #5 on Billboard Dance Mix/Show Airplay in 2015.

“Lean On” was the most downloaded Spotify track since its creation, having received more than 526,000,000 downloads as of November 2015. In the same month that the single was released, a video format was also made of the track by Tim Erem in India.


Here are some highlights from DJ Snake’s career.

  • Turn Up (Album, 2014)
  • Encore (Album, 2016)
  • Taki Taki (Song, 2018)
  • NRJ Music Award for DJ of the Year (2018-2019) 
  • Carte Blanche (Album, 2019)

Three Powerful Lessons From DJ Snake

Now that you’re familiar with the net worth of DJ Snake, and how he became a success, let us take a look at some lessons we can learn.

1. Happiness

Let yourself be happy now. Don’t wait for some distant goal. But remember, everything in life can either grow or die, so pick the one that you want for your own life.

2. Self-image

You define yourself – no one else. If you have a great self-image, you can naturally develop into the person you want to be.

3. Goals

You can reach any goal if you give yourself enough time. Start moving in the right direction.

Favorite Quotes From DJ Snake

You never know who the next DJ Snake or Skrillex might be. It’s time to show love and give back.

It is important to me that my music stands apart. “Taki Taki”, unlike other songs out there, doesn’t sound the same as any other. While it is difficult to do when you are constantly on the road, it is essential that I feel good about my music. The same happened with Magenta Riddim.