What is Dylan Minnette’s Net Worth?


Dylan Minnette has a net worth of $3 million as of July 2022.

Dylan Minnette is an American actor and musician hailing from Indiana.

In the Netflix drama series “13 Reasons Why”, he is most well-known as Clay Jensen. He also appears in the drama series Lost and the fantasy series Awake. He is also a part of the drama series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Scandal’.

Early Life

Dylan Minnette, son of Robyn and Craig Minnette, was born in Evansville on the 29th, of December 1996. He is Robyn and Craig Minnette’s only child. He is of English, German and Scottish-Irish ancestry.

Minnette began modeling commercially after being approached by an agent. He began acting when he was 7.


Minnette was the star of the crime drama series Saving Grace, where he played the principal role of Clay Norman. This series aired from 2007 through 2010. Minnette also appeared in his debut film, Fred Clause, where he was an orphanage child.

His role in the drama series Lost as David Shephard earned him some recognition. In 2010, he starred in his first film-starring role as a star in the horror movie ‘Let Me In.’ He played the part of a bully called ‘Kenny’.

He also appeared in two movies, “Labour Day” and “Prisoners”, in 2013. He appeared as Donnie Gill in an episode of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2014. Blizzard and a recurring part of the political thriller Scandal.

He starred as the main character in 2016’s horror film “Don’t Breathe.” In 2017, he was also featured in the Netflix drama series “13 Reasons Why”, which aired in 2017. Through the series, Dylan received the recognition and fame he deserves. Clay Jensen was his role in the series, which is based upon Jay Asher’s 2007 novel.


Here are some of the best highlights of Dylan Minnette’s career: 

  • Don’t Breathe (Movie, 2016) 
  • 13 Reasons Why (TV-Show, 2017-)
  • The Open House (Movie, 2018) 

Three Amazing Lessons From Dylan Minnette

We now know all about Dylan Minnette and his success. Let’s look at the best lessons we can learn.

1. You can’t read the mind of someone else

You cannot read the mind of another person so hold your lips together and let them tell you what they want.

2. Do not expect others to understand you

We can’t read minds so if we don’t feel something, nobody will know. There is nothing wrong with feeling emotions, regardless of whether you’re a man/woman.

3. Be clear about what you mean and say only the things that you mean

To ensure that there is no confusion and that the other person understands your message, you should “SAY what it means, and SAY what you SAY.” This is the essence of communication.

Favorite Quotes From Dylan Minnette

One time, a guy at the music festival wouldn’t let me get off the hook that Percy Jackson. He said, “Quit lying to us bro, I know that you’re Percy Jackson.” I replied, “I swear to God, it’s not Percy Jackson.”

It bothers me that most people who had negative comments didn’t hear it. You would hear them say that this glorifies suicide and they wouldn’t watch it. The series and the things we did are being judged based on something you have heard or read.