What is Erin Moriarty’s Net Worth?


Erin Moriarty has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million as of 2022.

American actress Erin Moriarty hails from New York. Moriarty was a regular on television’s ‘One Life to Live’ as well as ‘True Detective’. She also appeared as series regulars on ‘Red Widow and Jessica Jones’.

Early Life

Erin Moriarty was born in New York City on the 24th of June 1994. She considers her parents “stylish” and has managed to keep her private life secret.

Moriarty was mischievous as a child. As a curious child, she would often get into trouble. She and her friend escaped from their house one night while she was at a sleepover and wandered around New York City.


She began her acting career in 2010 with a supporting role in the soap opera “One Life to Live”. She was 16 years old when she arrived in Los Angeles.

She was a supporting actress in “The Kings of Summer,” a coming-of-age independent drama. It premiered at the prestigious “Sundance Film Festival.”

Moriarty was the character ‘Hope Shlottman’ in 2015. He was also one of the main characters in the Netflix series “Jessica Jones”. The series was a commercial and critical success but was canceled after three seasons.

She was the first leading role in her career in 2016, in the French-American crime thriller “Blood Father.” Mel Gibson played her father. Although the film was critically acclaimed, it failed to make an impact at the box office.

She played the lead role of “Kellie Fliehler” in the drama “The Miracle Season in 2018,” which was produced on a budget of just $1 million. However, it grossed 10 times as much at the box office. It was a moderate critical success.


These are the top highlights of Erin Moriarty’s career:

  • Within (Movie, 2016) 
  • Screen Actors Guild Award (2017) – Nominated 
  • Monster Party (Movie, 2018) 

Three Powerful Lessons From Erin Moriarty

Now that you’re familiar with Erin Moriarty and her net worth, let’s look at some lessons we can learn.

1. Only You Know Yourself

It doesn’t just matter who you know, it’s also who you are known.

2. Opportunities

You never know when the door to opportunity will open in your life. It is important to be able to see the opportunity immediately, and not wait for it to open again.

3. Think Smart

It’s better to be weak amongst the strong than to become strong amongst the weak. A wounded lion is more powerful than a brave canine, while unrefined gold is superior to pure silver.

Favorite Quotes From Erin Moriarty

“I would love the opportunity to work with Terrence Malick and the Coen brothers.” They have great work and I love them both so I am interested in working under their guidance.

“Fargo” is definitely one of my top three favorite films; I have a serious obsession with the Coen brothers.

“My parents were both extremely stylish so they encouraged me to experiment with personal style. I had many crazy phases and am still trying to find myself.