What is Eugene Levy’s Net Worth?


Eugene Levy has a net worth of approximately $30 million as of August 2022.

Eugene Levy, is a comedian, actor, producer, director, and writer from Ontario.

He plays Noah Levenstein, the only actor who has appeared in all eight American Pie films. He is often flustered and unorthodox.

Early Life

Eugene Levy, a native of Hamilton, Ontario, was born on December 17, 1946.

His mother was a housemaker, while his father worked as a foreman in an automobile plant.

He attended Westdale Secondary school and McMaster University.


Eugene Levy played many of the most famous supporting characters in the sketch comedy series Second City Television from 1976-84. He played the role of Earl Camembert, a news anchor for ‘SCTV News. This was one of his most loved characters.

Levy appeared in several popular films and television shows between the 1970s and 80s.

He was the character of Dr. Allan Pearl.

He also wrote the film’s script. After appearing in a few small roles in films like “Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish”, “The Secret Life of Girls”, and “Dogmatic”, Levy was cast in the American teen sexual movie “American Pie”.

Levy did a great job in “American Pie”, and his “cool father” image won over the hearts. He was an essential reason for the series’ success, reprising the role in each of the seven sequels between 1999-2009.

Levy reunited again with Steve Martin as ‘Howie’ Rottman in the 2003 American comedy film Bringing Down the House.


These are the top highlights of Eugene Levy’s career.

  • American Pie (Movie, 1999) 
  • Finding Dory (Movie, 2016) 

Three Life Lessons From Eugene Levy

Now that we know everything about Eugene Levy’s net worth and how he became successful, let’s look to see some of his greatest lessons.

1. Embrace Change

It is important to accept this simple fact: Change is constant. Instead of fearing it embrace it.

2. Clean along the Way

You’ll notice that your home starts to smell and become more unpleasant to live in. So don’t procrastinate. Be clean along the way

3. Silence Can Be Beautiful

Sometimes you don’t need to fill the silence with words. Sometimes silence can be beautiful.

Favorite Quotes From Eugene Levy

I’m not in a position to get a thousand scripts. You want to earn a living. But you also want to send your children to school. I would rather do three poor films that pay well than one bad film every three year that doesn’t pay well. … If you can earn a steady paycheck in this business, that’s okay for me.

Sir Anthony Hopkins is a wonderful person to work with. I don’t know how or why that would happen in a comedy.