What is Fred Norris’ Net Worth?


Fred Norris is an American radio personality.

Norris is the Howard Stern Show’s longest-tenured staff member, apart from Stern. Howard Stern met him for the first time at WCCC FM, a Hartford radio station. Norris married Allison Ferman on May 25, 1995. This was a woman he first met while working at WCCC-FM in Hartford, Connecticut.

Fred Norris’ networth is approximately $20 Million as of July 20, 2022.

Early Life

Eric Fred Norris, a Connecticut native was born on July 9, 1955.

Norris was born to Henry Nukus Valija and is a son of Latvian immigrants. He was raised in Manchester. Fred was five when Fred’s biological father moved away, but his first few years were very turbulent.

Norris spent his entire childhood by himself. He loved to read, ride long bicycles, or watch many afternoon TV reruns.


Howard Stern was a college student who met Norris while working overnight shifts at WCCC. This AM and FM radio station is located in Hartford, Connecticut. Norris began to meet Stern in spring 1979 as he was a college student.

Stern’s departure saw him remain at WCCC. However, he moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, where he took a job with WAQY-FM.

Starn achieved a huge rating success at WWDC in Washington, D.C., that year. He leveraged his success to persuade the station’s hiring of Norris, who was hired to be the producer on Stern’s October 1981 show.

Norris changed his legal name from Fred Leo NUkis in 1993 to Eric Fred Norris. Stern and the cast had an extended conversation with Norris on this topic in 1996 on The Howard Stern Show. Norris did not reveal the motivation behind the change.

He appeared in small roles on television and in movies. Private Parts starred Norris in 1997 as a younger version. In Cruel Intentions 1999, he was a meter maid.

Norris was married to Allison Furman in 1994. Allison Furman was a woman he first met on Stern’s radio show, the ‘Dial-A-Date. They had one daughter, Tess, together in November 2002.


These are some highlights from Fred Norris’ career:

  • Member of The Howard Stern Show
  • Private Parts (Movie, 1997) 
  • Cruel Intentions (Movie, 1999) 
  • Cold Hearts (Movie, 1999) 

Three Inspirational Lessons From Fred Norris

Now that you’re familiar with Fred Norris’ net worth and how his success was achieved, let’s examine some of the lessons we can take from him.

1. Don’t be afraid

Fear not of the living. Believe in the worth of life. Your belief will make it possible.

2. Run

Even if everything is on track, you can still get run over.

3. Wonderful Thoughts

You can nurture your mind with great ideas. Believe in heroes.