What is Fred Wilpon’s Net Worth?


As of July 2022, Fred Wilpon’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $800 Million.

Fred Wilpon is an American realty developer.

Sterling Equities is Wilpon’s co-founder and chairman. The company, which specializes in real estate development across the US, was founded by Wilpon. The company was founded by Wilpon and Saul Katz back in 1972.

Sterling Equities is the owner of the New York Mets. Wilpon serves as chairman and majority shareholder since the 1980s.

Early Life

Fred Wilpon was a Brooklyn native, born on 22 November 1936 in Bensonhurst.

Wilpon was the son of a Jewish family. Nathan Wilpon, Wilpon’s father, ran the funeral home. He was a graduate of Lafayette High School, Brooklyn. He was a passionate fan of baseball. He pitched his freshman year of college until he was injured.

Wilpon received his B.A. degree in 1958. The University of Michigan. After graduating from college, he sold calculators while working as a secretary for Branch Rickey (the former president of Brooklyn Dodgers).


Sterling Equities, a commercial property development company, was co-founded by Wilpon in 1972. They were instrumental in the construction of Tarrytown, Westchester County’s suburb, townhouses.

Wilpon acquired a one-percent stake of the Mets after Charles Shipman Payson sold them the team. Nelson Doubleday Jr., Doubleday’s president, sold Doubleday & Co. to Bertelsmann AG in 1986.

Wilpon held a right-of-first-refusal in the event that Wilpon sold his team and threatened to use it. Doubleday and Wilpon settled the matter by agreeing to buy the Mets at $81 million. They became equal partners in the team.

The Mets became Wilpon’s sole ownership in 2002 when the Wilpon family bought the remaining 50% from Doubleday for $391million.

Wilpon was president of the team from 1980-2002, Chief Executive Officer from 1980 and then Chairman of the Board in 2003.

Sterling Equities currently has him as its chairman. Steve Cohen, a billionaire hedge-fund manager, was able to purchase 95% from Wilpon, his son, C.O.O., in 2020. Jeff Wilpon, along with co-owner Saul Katz, purchased approximately $2.4 Billion.


These are some highlights from Fred Wilpon’s career:

  • Sterling Equities’ Chairman and Co-Founder
  • Former majority owner of New York Mets

Three Amazing Lessons From Fred Wilpon

Now that you’re familiar with Fred Wilpon and his net worth, let’s examine some of the lessons we can take from him.

1. Good times

You must endure some of the most difficult times in order to reach the good times.

2. It is not easy living a normal life

Sometimes life is easy and sometimes it’s not. Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow.

3. Stay strong

It takes a lot of effort to achieve success.

Favorite Quotes From Fred Wilpon 

Take the Field is one of the best and most creative ideas in my life. Bob is the only person who can make it happen. Bob went to work when he couldn’t just sit back and enjoy everything he had done in his life.

They have a phenomenally successful network and there are many things that we would like them to do. We are not a Mets service, but we intend to be more sports-oriented.