What is Headhunterz’s Net Worth?


Headhunterz is a Dutch DJ/record producer.

He is also a voice actor and has acted in several TV shows and movies. In 2005, he began his career with hardstyle music. Headhunterz has been a performer at Qlimax and Defqon.1, Q-Base as well as in control, Decibel, and Hard Bass. He signed with Ultra Music in 2013 and then left his label in 2015.

Headhunterz’s net worth was estimated at $5 million as of August 2022.

Early Life

Willem Rebergen was born in Veenendaal, Netherlands on the 12th of September 1985.

Rebergen was a child who loved music from an early age. Rebergen was bullied at school and sought a distraction to make him happy. He joined a local children’s choir. This was his first time in a professional studio. He recorded Christmas albums with the choir. 

Rebergen was inspired and interested in the creative process of music creation from the other side.


Rebergen began his career under Bobby van Putten’s alias Nasty D–Tuners. In 2005, van Putten and Rebergen changed their name to Headhunterz after they signed to Scantraxx, a Dutch Hardstyle label.

Van Putten left soon after their first Scantraxx release, and Willem Rebergen assumed control of the Headhunterz alias solo.

He performed live at Qlimax in 2006, 2007 (which he made the Anthem for), 2008, 2009, and 2011. He additionally made the anthem for Defqon.1’s competition in 2009, ‘Scrap Attack,’ and once more for Defqon.1 competition 2010 (Australia), ‘Save Your Scrap for Victory.’

He had his first collaboration in 2008 with Wildstylez, another Scantraxx artist. Their first song, “Blame it on the Music/Project 1”, was released in March 2008. It was a huge success.

Headhunterz collaborated with Wildstylez, and Noisecontrollers to create the anthem for Defqon.1 2012 competition. He announced in 2018 the creation of Art of Creation, his new label.

The label is described as a dynamic platform.

Headhunterz’s net worth was estimated at $5 million as of August 2022.


Here are the best highlights of Headhunterz’s career: 

  • Reloaded Part II (Song, 2008)
  • Project One (Album, 2008)
  • Scrap Attack (Song, 2009)
  • From Within (Song, 2012)
  • Dragonborn (Song, 2012)

Three Strong Lessons From Headhunterz

Now that you’re familiar with Headhunterz and his net worth, let’s look at the most important lessons we can learn.

1. Optimism

Optimism leads to success. Without hope and confidence, nothing can be achieved.

2. Roller Coaster

It is important to live life and enjoy it. Just like a rollercoaster ride, there are ups and downs.

3. Be kind to yourself

You can love yourself unconditionally.

Favorite Quotes From Headhunterz

I was not ready to say, “Okay, this it.” I am too curious and eager to take on new challenges. I felt like I had conquered all in my Hardstyle career, both in the studio as well as every year with the exact same gigs.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have this job, and I really enjoy it. But, I also realize that there are more things in life than just work, like love, family, and living. I’m a person who wants to live when I’m ready. I know that it can be hard to balance in summer, but that is what I believe is important.