What is Henri Pfr’s Net Worth?


Henri Pfr, is a Belgian musician, DJ and composer.

His talent for melody and sunny disposition shines through in his music, which has a lightness of touch that is rare in the EDM scene. He spent years studying music theory and classical piano from an early age.

He first discovered electronic music at the age of 14

Henri Pfr’s net worth is approximately $1 million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Henri Peiffer was a Belgian citizen who was born in Brussels on September 26, 1995.

He spent nine years studying music theory and classical piano from the age of six. Peiffer was 14 when he first discovered electronic music.

His first mixtape Summer Memories was posted online by him on the YouTube channel ‘La Belle Musique. It attracted the attention of Armin Van Buuren’s Armada label with over 70 million views.


Pfr collaborated with Robin Schulz, a German producer, to remix the track “Sugar.” They also produced “Wave Goodbye,” a song that is featured on Robin Schulz’s album Sugar. It was released in 2015.

Peiffer’s music was released later on Sony Music. It featured ‘One People’, ‘Home’, and, in October 2016, ’Until the End. This song remained at the top of the Belgian charts for several more months and was certified platinum in Belgium.

He was awarded the Pure Newcomer Award by the D6bels Music Awards in 2017. He was awarded the Orchid Ceremony in September 2017 by Walloon Brabant, and received an “Orchid”, in the Culture category, for his contributions to Walloon Brabant’s profile.

He was awarded the International Newcomer of the Year Award by the Fun Radio DJ Awards at the Amsterdam Dance Event later that year.

He was also honored at the Orchid Ceremony by Walloon Brabant in the same year. He was awarded an “Orchid”, in the Culture category, for his contribution to Walloon Brabant’s profile.


These are some of the greatest highlights from Henri Pfr’s career:

  • Wave Goodbye (Song, 2015)
  • Until The End (Song, 2016)
  • Wake Up (Song, 2019)
  • Loving Myself (Song, 2020)

Three Life Lessons From Henri Pfr

Now that you’re familiar with Henri Pfr and his success, let’s look at the best lessons we can learn.

1. Appreciate

Appreciation is the most powerful form of prayer. It acknowledges the existence of good wherever you shine your grateful thoughts.

2. Make friends with the right people

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3. Reduce Stress

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Favorite Quotes From Henri Pfr

For me, the lyrics are the most important part. This is what you want to convey in the song. The chords follow. It all depends. Sometimes, I concentrate on the drums and sound design. Other times, I focus more on the melody. This is a difficult question, as it varies from one track to the next.

Thank you, I’m doing great! I was feeling a little down in October and it is important to discuss it. I felt I shouldn’t lie to my community. I insist that you should never be afraid to ask for help or talk to someone if you need it.