What is James Ratcliffe’s Net Worth?


James Ratcliffe is a British billionaire chemical engineer who became a financier and industrialist.

Ratcliffe is chairman and chief executive of Ineos chemicals, which he co-founded in 1998. He still owns two-thirds of Ineos and has a turnover estimated at $80 billion.

He is not well-known and was described by Sunday Times as “publicity shy”.

James Ratcliffe’s net worth was $19 Billion as of August 2022.

Early Life

Sir James Arthur Ratcliffe was a Manchester native.

Ratcliffe was born to a joiner father and an accountant office worker mother.

His father owned a furniture factory that made laboratory furniture. He moved to Yorkshire with his family at the age of ten. Ratcliffe attended Beverley Grammar School, where he lived until 18. Ratcliffe received a degree from the University of Birmingham in 1974 in chemical engineering.


Ratcliffe started his career with Esso oil giant. However, he wanted to expand his financial skills by studying management accounting at London Business School and completing an MBA. In 1989, he joined Advent International, a US private equity firm.

Ratcliffe was a cofounder of INSPEC which leased the Antwerp site from BP Chemicals. Ratcliffe founded Ineos, Hampshire in 1998 to purchase INSPEC and the Antwerp site’s freehold.

Ineos’s headquarters was moved from Hampshire to Rolle in Switzerland in 2010. This reduced the annual tax payment of the company by PS100m.

Ratcliffe, who opened the UK headquarters for the chemicals and energy group in Knightsbridge, London in 2015, said he was “very happy about returning to the UK”.

He was happy with UK policy and London as a base of business, and not worried about the possibility of the UK leaving the EU. It remains an Anglo-Swiss business for the moment.

How Does James Ratcliffe Spend His Money

James Ratcliffe uses some of his wealth to buy real estate.

Ratcliffe resides in Monaco and Hampshire.

He built second luxury home in Thorns Beach on the Hampshire coast in 2017, which was to replace a two-bedroom bungalow. Ratcliffe owned superyachts Hampshire II and Hampshire II. His first yacht, Barbara Jean by Feadship was built.


These are some of James Ratcliffe’s greatest moments:

  • Chairman and chief executive officer at Ineos chemicals group

Three Life Lessons From James Ratcliffe

We now know all about James Ratcliffe and his success story. Let’s look at some lessons we can learn.

1. Be Yourself

Two types of people will tell you you can’t make a difference in the world: those who are afraid and those who fear you will succeed.

2. Defeats

We might face many defeats but that does not mean we should be defeated.

3. Settling

You will settle for the normal if you don’t want to take on the risk of the unknown.

Favorite Quotes From James Ratcliffe

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