What is John Deacon’s Net Worth?


John Deacon is a retired English musician.

Deacon is perhaps best known as Queen’s bass guitarist. Deacon composed many songs for Queen, including the Top 10 hit ‘You’re my Best Friend,’ ‘Another One Bites the Dust,’ and I Want to Break Free.

He joined Queen 1971 in 1971 because of his electronic and musical skills.

Early Life

John Richard Deacon was born in Leicester, London Road, on the 19th of Aug 1951.

Deacon is the child of Arthur Henry Deacon and Lilian Mollie Deacon. His father was an insurance agent at Norwich Union and the family moved to Oadby in 1960.

He attended Linden Junior School, Gartree High School, and Beauchamp Grammar School, Oadby. He was interested in electronics.


The band was founded in London in 1970. At only 19 years of age, he was the youngest member of Queen’s band and the last to join them. Roger Taylor, Brian May and Freddie Mercury were the other three original members.

Deacon also wrote a number Queen’s hits singles including You’re my Best Friend’ and ‘Spread Your Wings’, & ‘Back Chat’, & ‘I Want to Break Free’. He also wrote the band’s most-sold single in the US, titled ‘Another One Bite the Dust’.

He also occasionally performed backing vocals at live shows. The band’s initial influences were hard rock, progressive, and heavy rock. They then moved on to more radio-friendly and conventional music.

The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert was one year later, and the Mercury effect continued. Deacon only performed two more times in concert with Queen’s remaining members, one in 1993 as a charity event and the other in 1997 for “The Show Must Go On”.

Deacon was only briefly reunited with his ex-bandmates in Oct 1997 to record the final Queen song, ‘No-One But You (Only the Good Die Young),’ which was included on the Queen Rocks album a month later.

How Does John Deacon Spend His Money

John Deacon uses some of his money to buy real estate. Deacon lives in a magnificent home in London.


Here are some highlights from John Deacon’s career.

  • Queen (Album, 1973) 
  • Queen II (Album, 1974) 
  • Who Needs You (Song, 1977) 
  • In Only Seven Days (Song, 1978) 
  • One Vision (Song, 1986) 

Three Life Lessons From John Deacon

Now that you’re familiar with John Deacon and his net worth, let’s examine some of the lessons we can take from him.

1. Arguments

Arguments are healthy. They clean the air.

2. Records

It’s difficult to be known if there is no record. But if there is, it’s much easier.

3. Be You

Trust your instincts and be true to yourself.

Favorite Quotes From John Deacon

“It is the only thing I hope is good about us, is after our arguments we can actually face each other the next day or the following day and talk about some other topic and sorta get over it.”

“I didn’t really understand what apartheid meant.” “I was probably a bit ignorant, but I thought it was more vague segregation like on the beaches and buses em>