What is John Tesh’s Net Worth?

What is John Tesh's Net Worth?


John Tesh is an American composer and pianist. He is also the host of the radio show “Intelligence for Your Life”.

Connie Sellecca, his wife, has hosted “Intelligence for Your Life TV” since 2014.

He has won six Emmys and four gold albums. There have also been two Grammy nominations. Tesh’s albums have been sold in excess of eight million.

John Tesh is worth approximately $30 Million as of July 20, 2022.

Early Life

John Tesh was born in New York, on the 9th of Juli 1952.

Tesh was born to Mildred Tesh (and John F. Tesh). He graduated from Garden City High School, in 1970. Tesh began piano playing at six years of age.

He was also a walk-on for the varsity soccer and lacrosse teams.

He took a television and radio course at North Carolina State while he was there. He was part-time a newsreader at WKIX FM-Raleigh, where he met Rick Dees in 1974.


His journey in television began with a job in Nashville as a TV anchor.

Tesh was a TV anchor during this time. He often covered the same stories that Oprah Winfrey who worked at a Nashville TV station.

After that, he worked for several other local television stations before finally landing the job of host at Entertainment Tonight.

Tesh has had great success in music. He composed many TV theme tunes and recorded several albums. The majority of these fall under the adult contemporary category.

During a concert, Tesh told the crowd that the NBA on NBC theme was his most successful song.

He made more money than any other thing he has done in his entire career. Fox announced that it would bring Roundball Rock back to college basketball in 2018.

How Does John Tesh Spend Money

John Tesh invests some of his wealth in real estate and charity work.

Tesh has a Beverly Hills home.

Tesh has been a supporter of many charities over the years. Tesh and his wife Connie Sellecca founded the Sellecca–Tesh Fund to offer music therapy to senior citizens.


Here are some highlights from John Tesh’s career.

  • Live at Red Rocks (Live Album, 1995)
  • Intelligence for Your Life TV (Reality Show, 2014-)
  • National Radio Hall of Fame (2019)

Three Life Lessons From John Tesh 

Now that you’re familiar with John Tesh’s networth and how he became successful, let’s examine some of his lessons.

1. Fulfill Your Dreams

Many people in poverty are not able to achieve their goals.

2. Risques

Risk is everything, from telling the truth about your faith to quitting your job that makes a great living to having your heart open to new opportunities. The greatest fear we have is the fear of taking risks.

3. Talk with yourself

You don’t have to take a chance on writing the next great book if you’re not sure if it’s going to sell.

Favorite Quotes From John Tesh

Risk is everything, from moving to quitting a job paying a fortune to being truthful about your faith to moving to leaving a job you love. But it doesn’t necessarily mean what’s in your heart. The greatest fear we have is the fear of taking risks.

I’ve always wanted to become a full-time musician. Every television job that I had was for money to buy a grand piano or to build a recording room, or some other kind of thing.

If you’re a writer and want to create the next great book, but think that it won’t work, or because no one will purchase it, you can convince yourself to take a chance.