What is Jonathan Antin’s Net Worth?


Jonathan Antin used to own two Los Angeles hair salons.

Antin’s entrepreneurial life and his career as a celebrity hairstylist were the inspiration for the reality television series, ‘Blowout.’ He also has appearances on other television shows. He was the 2007 Miss USA Pageant judge.

Jonathan Antin’s net worth is approximately $10 Million as of July 20,22.

Early Life

Jonathan Antin was born in Beverly Hills on the 16th, of August 1967.

His mother is an Interior Designer, while his father Michael is an Artist. He is the brother of Steve Antin, writer and producer, and Robin Antin who founded The Pussycat Dolls.

Antin became a hairdresser when he was a younger boy after being inspired by the film ‘Shampoo’. He married Stacie Karabuykov, a boutique owner, in 2006. They have a son named Asher, who was born around November 2005, and a girl named Jocie, who was born in 2007.


Antin was a Fairfax Beauty Academy student and worked as a stylist at the Beverly Center, West Hollywood. At the age of 23, he opened his own salon. In 1999, he was regarded as one of Hollywood’s top stylists.

Madonna and Tiger Woods were his clients. Steven Tyler, k.d. Lang, Tobey Maguire, Ricky Martin. Jonathan Product, his haircare line, was launched by him in 2005. He sold 35,000 units within an hour, breaking a QVC record.

The series’ first season followed Antin’s life from 2004. The press did not like the show, as they were critical of his management style and hairstyle.

Antin has appeared in television commercials for American Express since 2004 on the Bravo makeover show, ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.’ In 2010, Antin was on the tenth series of ‘The Biggest Loser.


Here are some highlights from Jonathan Antin’s career:

  • Blow Out (Reality Show, 2004 – 2006)
  • Antin was the judge on the third season of Shear Genius

How Does He Spend His Money

Jonathan Antin invests some of his wealth in real estate.

Antin has a house in Toluca Lake (California).

Three Inspirational Lessons from Jonathan Antin

Now that we know everything about Jonathan Antin and his success, let’s see some of the lessons we can take from him.

1. Be prepared

Preparedness will make you confident and will help you accomplish your job.

2. Give it a try!

Never be afraid to dream big and work hard for your success.

3. Never give up

Don’t give up! Don’t give up no matter what. Never give up, no matter what.

Favorite Quotes From Jonathan Antin

I think that I am as good as anyone when it comes to styling. I believe there is no better stylist in the world than myself. Though I might be as good as anyone, it’s not me. That’s because I do everything flawlessly.

Every week, there is something going on. I am getting ready to appear on The Today Show. It’s rare that I have been on the Today Show more than four times in six weeks. I am preparing for the Oscars. I’m going to George Clooney and his girlfriend. There are many things going on. It’s great.