What is Jose Ramirez’s Net Worth?


Jose Ramirez is a Dominican professional pitcher.

Ramirez is the third baseman for the Cleveland Indians. He was an amateur-free agent who signed with the Indians in November 2009 and made his MLB debut on June 26, 2013.

He was selected to the MLB All-Star Game in 2017 as well as 2018. He was able to reach the 30-30 club by hitting 39 home runs in 2018 and stealing 34 bases. Ramirez will remain with the Indians for 2021.

Early Life

Jose Enrique Ramirez was conceived in the Dominican Republic on 17 September 1992.

Ramirez was 17 years old when he and other unsigned prospects traveled to Boca Chica, Ohio, for the Dominican facility of the Cleveland Indians.

A scout saw him and gave him a $50,000 signing bonus. Jose Baez Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez was also signed by the Cleveland organization.


Ramirez did not play in the 2010 season. He made his professional debut in 2011 for the Arizona Indians, Rookie-level Arizona League. He reached a career-high of .325 in 48 games.

In 2015, Ramirez made his first Opening Day roster. On Opening Day, he batted ninth and played shortstop. He also created the Indians’ home opener on April 10. Ramirez scored a perfect 4-for-4 performance in the team’s opening game at the newly renovated Progressive Field.

He was selected for the MLB All-Star Game in 2017 and 2018, and also won the Silver Slugger Award in both years. He was the 19th player to reach at least 56 doubles during a single season while leading the majors in 2017.

Ramirez continued the slump that he suffered towards the end 2018 season and began the 2019 season. In the first half of the 2018 season, Ramirez batted.218. He had a.308 OBP (.344 SLG) and a batting average of.218. He will remain with the Indians up to 2021.

An injury prevented him from starting the 2020 season. He was able to return in August and hit 12 home runs. The next month, he scored a walk-off home run against Chicago White Sox.

How Does Jose Ramirez Spend His Money

Jose Ramirez invests some of his income in his Dominican Republic home.

Ramirez lives in a stunning home in the Bani Dominican Republic. He has his own baseball field in his backyard, which is an amazing feature of his home. It included infield dirt, grass, a fence to keep stray balls out of the lush greenery surrounding his home, as well a basketball court with a pool in the backyard.


Here are the top highlights of Jose Ramirez’s professional career:

  • 2× All-Star (2017, 2018)
  • 2× Silver Slugger Award (2017, 2018)
  • 30–30 club (2018)

Three Life Lessons From Jose Ramirez

Now that you are familiar with Jose Ramirez’s networth and how he became successful, let’s examine some of his greatest lessons.

1. Peace of mind

We will receive whatever we wait for – peace, contentment, grace and the inner awareness that simple abundance is all ours – but only if we are willing to accept it with an open heart.

2. Empathy

A common exchange of empathy allows many people to feel what healing feels like.

3. Self Care

Self-care doesn’t mean self-indulgence. It is self-preservation.

Favorite Quotes From Jose Ramirez 

I am here to defend people who are told to be quiet and to just sit down. This is a fundamental human right issue.