What is Joseph Safra’s Net Worth?


Joseph Safra was a Brazilian banker of Lebanese heritage.

Safra managed the Brazilian investment and banking giant, Safra Group. Safra is the chairman of Safra National Bank of New York as well as Banco Safra. Its headquarters are in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Joseph Safra’s networth is approximately $25 Billion as of July 2022.

Early Life

Joseph Safra, a Syrian-born, was born in Aleppo on the 1st of January 1938.

Safra is a Jewish Lebanese familiar with banking connections that date back to Ottoman Times. She grew up in Beirut (Lebanon).

In 1952, the Safras moved to Brazil. Joseph’s 23-year-old brothers Edmond Safra and Jacob Safra began to work in Brazil as financiers in Sao Paulo in 1955.


Joseph Safra established Banco Safra, the 6th largest Brazilian private bank in 1955. He is still the chairman and chief executive of the Safra Group which provides banking services across Europe, North America, and South America.

Moise Safra, his brother, gave him the remaining shares in Safra Group businesses. They still have a part in Fibria Cellulose.

His family bought more than 12 properties in the U.S. in 2013, mostly in New York City. They also have a portfolio in Brazil of commercial real property.


Here are some highlights from Joseph Safra’s professional career:

  • Safra is the chairman of all Safra companies
  •  He paid more than £700 million to buy The Gherkin (2014)

Three Success Lessons From Joseph Safra

Now that we know everything about Joseph Safra, and how he became successful, let’s see some of his lessons.

1. We are Teachers

As we learn, we also teach others. In the school of life, we all learn from each other.

2. You Can Plant The Seeds Of Success

Failing is one of the greatest lessons. What is the reason for this? Because failure is a way to see what went wrong and what went well. Each failure is a chance to find the seeds for success.

3. The Hard Way

Accept your mistakes and learn from them.

Favorite Quotes From Joseph Safra

The magnificent butterfly discovers a small pile of dirt and lays still. But man will not let his little pile of mud remain still.

Like in political and literary action, men win friends through their passion for their prejudices and narrow outlook.