What is Kehlani’s Net Worth?


Kehlani has a net worth of approximately $6 million as of July 2022.

Kehlani Ashley is an American singer, dancer and songwriter from Oakland.

Her band Poplyfe, which finished in fourth place on the sixth season of America’s Got Talent, earned her recognition. Kehlani is not only a popular performer, but she has also received immense love and appreciation from people around the world.

She has been nominated for a Grammy and also received nominations for the BET Awards. She is also very popular on social media, with 3.8 million followers on Instagram.

Early Life

Kehlani Ashley was born in Oakland on the 24th April 1995. She was born in Oakland and first became famous as a member of the teen band Poplyfe.

In 2014, she released her first commercial mixtape. The mixtape was named one of Complex’s “50 Best Albums of 2014”.


Kehlani started her singing career in Poplyfe, where she was the lead singer and a member. After two years of performing in different cities, the group auditioned for America’s Got Talent. They were selected as semi-finalists.

Kehlani decided to quit the group after several disputes. She was homeless between 2012 and 2013 and moved from one house to the next.

She also released her first solo ‘antisummerluv’ on SoundCloud in the same year. This led to her first mixtape, ‘Cloud 19’. Complex’s Top 50 Albums 2014 list ranked this mixtape at #28.

The American singer, soon after the mixtape was released, released the song “Till the Morning”, which earned it the title of one of the “Emerging Picks of the week”.

Her second mixtape, “You Should Be Here”, was released in 2015. The mixtape reached the top of the US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts.

She was a rising star in her career and received numerous individual awards throughout 2015. She was a ‘Ten New Artists’ by Rolling Stone, but she was also a ‘Fifteen Artists to Keep an Eye on in 2015 by Complex.

She was also nominated under the category “Best Urban Contemporary Album” for the Grammy Award 2016.

Kehlani teamed up with Zayn, a singer-songwriter, to release the song ‘Wrong’. It was taken from Zayn’s debut album. She then released the track ‘Gangsta,’ which she sang in support of the movie ‘Suicide Squad. The song reached #41 on the Hot 100 charts, which gave her some recognition.

Kehlani’s debut album, SweetSexySavage, was released on January 27, 2017 by Atlantic Records.


These are some of the greatest highlights from Kehlani’s career:

  • You Should Be Here (Album, 2015) 
  • Gangsta (Song, 2016) 
  • Honey (Song, 2017) 
  • Grammy Awards (Best R&B Performance, 2018) – Nominated 
  • Nights Like This (Song, 2019) 

Three Great Life Lessons From Kehlani

Now that you’re familiar with Kehlani and her net worth, let’s look at the most important lessons we can learn.

1. Be Confident

When it comes to creation, you need to be able to just create and feel confident. The world will think it is tight if you think it is.

2. Gender is Mental

While sexuality is biological, gender is mental.

3. Success is always more than just success

Happiness and stability are the only things that make success possible. To succeed in your life, you must first achieve happiness and stability.

Favorite Quotes From Kehlani

I went from homeless and broke to sleeping on couches. Los Angeles was a confusing place. Now I pay my own bills. At 19, I am about to move in with my mama. I’m currently on tour, and this is just one mixtape.

My personal life would not be the basis of a reality TV show. It should feature me and my daughters on tour. I would prefer it to show my life as an artist and not my personal life.