What is Kodak Black’s Net Worth?


Kodak Black’s net worth was estimated at $600 thousand as of July 2022.

American rapper Bill K. Kapri is better known by his stage name KodakBlack. Black is best known for his singles “Zeze”, “Roll in Peace”, “Tunnel Vision” and “No Flockin”, as well as numerous legal issues.

Early Life

Bill K. Kapri, “Kodak Black”, was born in Pompano Beach on June 11, 1997. After Kodak’s birth, his father left and he was raised alone by his mother.

Kodak and his mom moved to Golden Acres, a nearby housing community where many Haitians lived.

Kodak was a young man who began selling drugs and indulged in other petty criminal activities. He didn’t like school and was poor at attendance. He was involved in several fights at school which resulted in his expulsion from school.


Kodak Black started his career at the age of 12 when he joined a small-time rap band called ‘Brutal Youngnz. Later, he switched to another group, ‘The Koons.

Kodak’s debut mixtape, “Project Baby”, was released in 2013. It received a lot of attention at local nightclubs and earned him significant fame. He released two more mixtapes in the next two years, “Heart of the Projects” and “Institution”.

Famous rapper Drake performed ‘Skrt’ to Kodak in 2015. This was one of Kodak’s most important career-defining moments. He was exposed to national fame after a number of “google” searches for the song shot up.

His fourth mixtape, “Lil B.I.G.,” was the catalyst for Kodak’s rapid rise in popularity. Pac’. Atlantic Records released the mixtape and it was his first album to appear on the Billboard Music Charts.

2017 saw the release of a single by Kodak called “Tunnel Vision” which reached number one on many American music charts. The single debuted at number 27 and reached number six on Billboard’s Hot 100.

He released ‘Project Baby,’ which was the sequel to his mixtape “Project Baby”. The single ‘Codeine Dreaming’ from the album was hugely popular and reached the 52nd spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Kodak released a mixtape titled “Heartbreak Kodak” on Valentine’s Day 2018. It was another hit.


These are the top highlights from Kodak Black’s career:

  • Skrt (Song, 2016) 
  • Tunnel Vision (Song, 2017) 
  • MTV Video Music (Best New Artist, 2017) – Nominated 
  • ZEZE (Song, 2018) 

Three Strong Lessons From Kodak Black

We now know all about Kodak Black and his net worth. Let’s look at the most important lessons that we can learn from Kodak Black.

1. Do not be afraid to take on all odds

It’s not easy to be against all odds. Boss your life up.

2. Do not gamble with your life

Change your life today. Do not gamble with the future. Act now.

3. Change your Negative Mentality

You can change the world by changing your thinking.

Favorite Quotes From Kodak Black

However, I believe I have enough knowledge to make it through my daily life. Although I don’t have all the answers, I feel that I have enough knowledge for me to get through.

I only hope to be blessed again. Lift yourself up to greater heights. Someone bigger. Somebody is better.

I’ll just do what I want. I don’t listen to too many rappers but I will listen to good songs. But, I don’t look up to anyone.