What is Krist Novoselic’s Net Worth?


Krist Novoselic is an American activist and musician.

Novoselic is most well-known as the bassist and founder of rock and Nirvana. After Kurt Cobain’s death, the band was disbanded. Novoselic founded Sweet 75 in 1995, and Eyes Adrift in 2002.

He was a member of the punk band Flipper from 2006 to 2009. He was the bass player and accordion player for the Foo Fighters’ song “I Should Have Known”.

Krist Novoselic’s net worth is approximately $80 million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Krist Anthony Novoselic was born in Compton, California, on the 16th of May 1965.

He is the son of Kristo and Marija Novoselic, Croatian immigrants. Novoselic was a Compton resident for one year until his parents moved to San Pedro, an ethnically Croatian Los Angeles neighborhood.

Novoselic is the brother and sister of a younger brother. His family moved to Washington in 1971 due to rising real estate prices in California. His parents sent him to Zadar, Croatia in 1980. In 1981, he returned to Aberdeen. He speaks Croatian partially.


Novoselic was fascinated by music as a child. Novoselic listened to Van Halen, Devo, and Black Sabbath as well as Led Zeppelin and Devo. His brother was just a teenager when he introduced him to Kurt Cobain. They formed their own band shortly thereafter, which they named Nirvana.

Novoselic rose from 1987 to 1994 to stardom worldwide. Band member Cobain was shot in the back and died in 1994. He had difficulty recovering from the death of his friend and bandmate, with whom he had shared more than a decade.

He formed Sweet 75 in the post-Nirvana era and Eyes Adrift later. Each band released one album. From 2006 to 2009, he was a member of the punk band Flipper.

Novoselic contributed accordion and bass to the Foo Fighters’ song ‘I should have known.

Novoselic was the founder of JAMPAC, a political action committee. He wrote a weekly column about music and politics for Seattle Weekly from 2007 to 2010.

FairVote, an electoral reform organization, has also had him as its board chair.

Krist Novoselic’s net worth is approximately $80 million as of July 2022.


These are the top highlights of Krist Novoselic’s career:

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit (Song, 1991)
  • Come as You Are (Song 1991)
  • In Bloom (Song 1991)
  • Nevermind (Album 1991)
  • In Utero (Album, 1993)

Three Life Lessons From Krist Novoselic

Now that you’re familiar with Krist Novoselic and his net worth, let’s look at some of the lessons he has taught us.

1. Guitar

You can just play the guitar with a lot of people if you have the right attitude. You are the star.

2. Your Heart

Do not follow the trends. Follow your heart.

3. Be strong

Be you and strong. It isn’t easy to live a full life.

Favorite Quotes From Krist Novoselic

You can only do anything if you are actively involved. The best way to communicate your message to your elected representatives and build relationships with them is to make campaign donations.

I don’t know the exact date these songs are being written. He was probably jamming in Colorado with someone or San Francisco with someone else, and I believe he was writing the lyrics up to the show. They were very relevant to the situation.