What is Larry Bird’s Net Worth?


Larry Bird’s net worth is estimated at $75 million, as of July 2022.

Larry Bird is an American ex-professional basketball player and coach who was also a former executive.

Bird served as the President of Basketball Operations for Indiana Pacers in NBA. Bird is widely recognized as one of history’s greatest basketball players.

Early Life

Larry Joe Bird was a West Baden Springs, Indiana, native. This village is near French Lick where he was born.

Georgia, Larry’s mother was trying to support her five siblings and him back in the village. Georgia worked at two different places to make ends meet.


Bird’s outstanding achievements in playing for his school caught the attention of Indiana University. They offered him a scholarship to their team and the chance to play under the guidance of Bob Knight, then the top mentor.

His breakthrough was in 1978 when he was offered to play for the Boston Celtics. Larry declined the offer, and he decided to play the final season at Indiana State. He was a part of the Sycamores team and helped them to reach the NCAA title.

Larry won the All-Star Game MVP Award in 1982 and was the runner-up in the Most Valuable Player Award. Larry went through a period of decline, but it was short-lived. The team eventually won five Conference Finals games after they lost seven.

In 1987, his team lost six consecutive games against the ‘Lakers’ and he couldn’t save them. The team then lost the Eastern Conference Finals.

Bird made a comeback to the NBA in 1989, but his health again failed him.


Here are some highlights from Larry Bird’s career.

  • 3x NBA Champion (1981, 1984, and 1986)
  • 12x NBA All-Star (1980-1988, 1990-1992)

Three Life Lessons From Larry Bird

Now that we know everything about Larry Bird and his net worth, let’s see some of the lessons he can teach us.

1. Do The Important Thing

One thing at a given time. It is best to crush it. Move on to the next. Before you begin your morning work, spend 10 minutes reviewing the most important thing you should do today.

2. Look at What’s Real

Don’t give too much importance or value to something. Instead of romanticizing it, get it down to its essence.

3. You’re already prepared

Action is not only the result of motivation but also the cause. To overcome the fear of failure, knowing you are already prepared is important. If you are stuck with a problem, don’t wait. Get involved.

Favorite Quotes From Larry Bird

I have always believed in my abilities, and once the game started I realized that I was the best player on any team, whether junior high, high school, or college. I knew that I had complete control over the game.

Leadership is encouraging others to believe you. You can tell your teammate that you’re willing to work as hard as you can, and they will believe you. They will spot a fake. Players will see right through a phony.