What is Lei Jun’s Net Worth?


Lei Jun, a Chinese billionaire entrepreneur, co-founded Xiaomi Inc., the largest mobile phone maker in the world.

After being listed on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, Xiaomi raised $4.72 Billion in June 2018.

Lei Jun’s net worth was estimated at $13 billion as of July 2022.

Early Life

Lei Jun was born in Xiantao, Hubei, China, on December 16, 1969.

He graduated from Mianyang Middle School in 1987 and started attending Wuhan University. There he completed all his credits in two years and received a BA degree in Computer Science.

Lei joined Kingsoft in 1992 as an engineer. He became the CEO of Kingsoft in 1998 and led it to an IPO. Lei resigned from his position as Kingsoft’s president and CEO on 20 December 2007 due to health reasons.


Lei began his career at Kingsoft, China’s largest software company.

After seven years of service at Kingsoft, Lei Jun was promoted to the position of President and CEO. 

In 2000, he started an internet bookstore. It saw tremendous growth. The store gained so much popularity that it was ranked the top online shopping destination for many users by 2004. Amazon expressed interest in Joyo.com’s bookstore and bought it for $75 Million.

Xiaomi Inc was founded by Lei Jun in 2010. It is a technology company that produces smartphones, apps and other consumer electronics. He returned to Kingsoft in the role of chairman in the following year.

He was appointed as a National People’s Congress delegate in 2013. Forbes named him Businessman of the Year in the following year.


These are the top highlights of Lei Jun’s career:

  • He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi
  • Honorary professor at the Zhengzhou Institute of Engineering (2003)
  • One of the 11 most powerful businesspeople in Asia (2013)

Three Valuable Lessons From Lei Jun

We now know all about Lei Jun and his net worth. Let’s look at some of the lessons he has taught us.

1. Timing is key, seize the moment

Instead of constantly repeating ‘Carpe Diem’, Lei now says “Things get easier if you follow the current trends.” It is possible for a pig to fly in the middle of a storm.

2. Quality First

Lei stated that companies should be focused on quality and design. Companies in developing countries can easily cut corners and forget to pay attention to quality when trying to innovate quickly.

3. Innovation

Lei stated that one must remain committed to innovation. Since the beginning, the emphasis has been on core technologies and committing manpower to research and development.

Favorite Quotes From Lei Jun

We have gotten to know many investors and what they are interested in. We have gained trust through many co-investments. It was much easier to invest in Xiaomi.

Many of the fans have their own ideas for the perfect phone. Many of the fans can’t build a phone because it is difficult. We asked them to give us their feedback on the features they feel should be added to our next model. They will also share their good news with friends if they incorporate it in our next phone.