What is Michael Dell’s Net Worth?


Michael Dell’s net worth was estimated at $35 billion dollars as of June 2022.

American investor, businessman, philanthropist, and author Michael Saul Dell hails from Houston. Dell Technologies is one of the largest technology infrastructure companies in the world. He is also the founder and CEO. Forbes ranks him as the 39th wealthiest person in the world.

Early Life

Michael Saul Dell was born in Houston on February 23, 1965. 

Dell was born into a Jewish family whose surname refers to the translation of the original German Tal into English.

Alexander Dell and Lorraine Charlotte Dell were the father and mother of Dell. He attended Herod Elementary school in Houston. To be able to start his own business, he applied to take the high school equivalency exam at eight years old.


In 1984, Dell registered the company “PC’s Limited”. In 1984, he changed the company’s name to Dell Computer Corporation. His business was now able to fill orders and upgrade basic machines and had a few employees.

He was a firm believer in customer focus and prioritized quality products and customer service. His convictions paid off, and the company’s revenues grew exponentially in the following months.

The first personal computer to have a 12-megahertz 286 CPU was introduced by Dell in 1986. This product was a big success because it was cheaper than a comparable computer from IBM.

The company was listed in Fortune magazine’s top 500 companies list by 1992. Dell was just 27 years old when he became the CEO of one of the most successful companies in history.

In 1996, Dell launched its first server, and in 1998 its first storage products. He also established MSD Capital L.P. in 1998 to manage his family’s investments, which include publicly-traded securities and private equity.


These are some of the greatest moments in Michael Dell’s career.

  • He is the founder and CEO of Dell Technologies
  • Dell is ranked as the 39th richest person in the world by Forbes
  • His 243.35 million shares of Dell Inc. stock were worth $3.5 billion, giving him 12% ownership of the company (2011) 

Three Entrepreneurship Lessons From Michael Dell

Let’s look at some of his best lessons.

1. If you see an opportunity, innovate

Michael Dell is well-known for his famous statement, “There has to be a better method.” He sees an opportunity and wants to seize it.

Michael saw the opportunity to provide better service and lower prices for laptops in a market that was slowly warming up to personal computers. In 1984, he started his own company and sold $80,000 worth of devices within the first year.

2. Your passion is fueled

Michael is a strong supporter of entrepreneurship around the globe. He encourages founders to discover what motivates them, and then take it forward with a full-stack team.

He said, “Whether your calling is clear or not, passion should drive your life’s work.” Passion can reflect negatively on your work, and performance, and ultimately, prevent you from reaching your full potential.

3. Failure is part of life

Michael has had a long career of failures, but he always believes that the lessons he learned were invaluable. He said, “Recognize the failures and accept that there will always be obstacles.”

You will learn from your failures and those of others. There is no learning from success. Accept the failures as part of your journey. Focus on the positive lessons and move on.

Favorite Quotes From Michael Dell

There are many factors that contribute to success. I love to do things that make the company successful. My favorite activities are not something I do a lot.

Recognize the failures and accept that obstacles will occur. You will learn from both your failures and those of others