What is P Diddy’s Net Worth?


P Diddy’s net worth was estimated at $885 million as of June 2022. He is currently signed to Epic Records.

Sean John Combs (also known as P Diddy) is an American rapper, actor, and singer. Before he started Bad Boy Entertainment, he was a talent director at Uptown Records.

Early Life

Sean Combs was born on the 4th of November 1969 in Harlem, New York. Janice, his mother was a teacher’s aid and part-time model. His father Melvin was a U.S. military officer, but he was killed in Central Park when Combs was only 2 years old.

Combs received his diploma from the Roman Catholic Mount Saint Michael Academy in 1987. Combs was a Howard University business major, but he left before his sophomore year.


Combs began as a talent director for New York’s Uptown Records. He was fired from Uptown in 1993 and founded Bad Boy Entertainment.

He signed gradually more artists to the label including Usher and Lil Kim, TLC, and Aretha Franklin.

Combs’ stage name was changed to PuffDaddy in 1997. His debut single, “Can’t Nobody Keep Me Down”, reached number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Bad Boy Records released his first album “No Way Out” on July 1, 1997. The album was a huge success and earned him five Grammy nominations.

Combs changed his stage name from P Diddy to P Diddy in 2005. Combs appeared in the movie Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power. He was also the host of MTV Video Music Awards 2005 and was named one of the most influential people in 2005.

P Diddy has worked with many of the most famous rappers and artists today, including Boyz II Men’s Usher, Usher, and TLC.

Diddy has collaborated with many famous artists around the world and released numerous albums. His net worth is staggering. P Diddy is the 2nd richest hip-hop artist in the U.S.


These are the top highlights from P Diddy’s career.


  • Made (2001)
  • Monster’s Ball (2001)
  • I’m Still Here (2010)
  • Draft Day (2014)
  • The Defiant Ones (2017)

Discography (Albums)

  • No Way Out (1997)
  • Forever (1999)
  • The Saga Continues (2001)
  • Press Play (2006)
  • Last Train to Paris (2010)


  • NAACP Image Awards (A Raisin in the Sun, Oustanding Actor, 2009)
  • Bet Awards (Bump, Bump, Bump, 2003)
  • MTV Video Music Awards (I’ll Be Missing You, 1997)
  • Grammy Awards (No Way Out, Best Rap Album, 1998)

Three Success Lessons From P Diddy

You now know everything about P Diddy and how he achieved success. Let’s look at some lessons we can learn.

1. Recognize Your Power

Realizing your power can help students achieve their goals and dreams. P Diddy advises students not to give up and to recognize their power.

2. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and make a decision

It is never too late to achieve your goals. You must make a decision to reach your goal and take risks.

3. You may not realize your dreams right away.

Dreams are not easy to achieve. It takes time.

Favorite Quotes From P Diddy

“Don’t let others define you. It’s not good to feel like you have to control your life. .” You have the power to control your own life.

My dream came true and I was able to release my last album. I can’t say that this album is an exceptional piece of work if I don’t like it. I’m happy with all the albums I have done. I don’t need to make another album .”

“We used to talk a lot about wanting to make some money. But that was when hip-hop was built on your dreams and your fantasies. It’s no longer the dream and fantasy that are the main focus of the whole thing. It’s impossible to keep beating the dead horse.