What is Patrick Bet-David’s Net Worth?


Patrick Bet-David, an Iranian-American entrepreneur.

Bet-David was born and raised in Iran. He immigrated to the United States in 1990. He enlisted in US Army after high school. He was hired by Morgan Stanley after he had left the Army. He launched the website “Saving America” in 2009. Later, he joined a Los Angeles radio station.

Patrick Bet-David’s net worth was estimated at $150 million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Patrick Bet-David, a 1978 Iranian citizen, was born. Bet-David’s parents were Armenian and Assyrian. He fled Iran with his father in the late 1980s. He and his father lived in Germany for two years before emigrating to the USA in 1990. He was twelve years old when he came to America for the first time.

The US eventually granted the family citizenship. After graduating high school, he enlisted in the US Army and served in the 101st Airborne Division.


Bet-David created PHP Agency in 2009, a financial marketing company that offers insurance products such as annuities and health insurance. Texas is where PHP Agency is located.

The company raised $10M in Expansion Capital in 2017 through a syndicate involving private equity players such as Gabriel Brener and Oscar De La Hoya.

PHP hosted 8,000 guests at its 2019 convention. President George W. Bush was also there. Valuetainment Media LLC also belongs to him. The company produces and syndicates Valuetaiment’s YouTube channel as well as other media outlets.

His social media platform is where he shares his passion for business. He loves to inspire and motivate tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Bet-David has interviewed entrepreneurs and high-achievers, including President George W. Bush, Kevin Hart, Ray Dalio, Kobe Bryant, Mark Cuban, Steve Wozniak, Wayne Gretzky, Magic Johnson, and John Calipari among others.


These are some highlights from Patrick Bet-David’s career.

  • After high school, Patrick joined the U.S. military
  • Patrick has also hosted a series of one-on-one interviews 
  • Your Next Five Moves (Autobiography, 2020) 

How Does He Spend His Money

Patrick Bet-David invests his money in expensive cars

Bet-David is the proud owner of an impressive collection. You can find cars such as a Lamborghini Veneno or a BMW i8 and a Rolls Royce in his collection.

Three Life Lessons From Patrick-Bet David

Now that you’re familiar with Patrick-Bet Davids’s net worth, and how he became successful, let’s examine some of his lessons.

1. Experts

The three main areas that discourage someone from being an expert are theory, application, and experience.

2. Time

To be successful in life you need to be patient. It doesn’t matter if you wait 10 years or one, you will eventually succeed.

3. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself

Bet-David truly is a business guru. He has built a business empire and overcome every criticism. It’s easy to admire the man who gets up each morning and builds up no matter what.

Favorite Quotes From Patrick-Bet David

This is how it happened. You all know the secret to success. You must marry the right person, save your money, work hard and get a degree. You’ll hear many different things.

The greatest key to success is, you know, my belief that anyone who sees me succeeds takes it to a new level. Sequencing is the difference between you and others.