What is Ralph Lauren’s Net Worth?


Ralph Lauren is one of America’s 100 most wealthy people, with a net worth of $8 billion as of August 2022.

Ralph Lauren is a leading fashion brand. His multi-billion-dollar global brand is the result of his fashion design, philanthropist, and dedication to the business.

Lauren served as the CEO of Lauren’s company from 2015 to 2015. Though Ralph Lauren is not currently the CEO of Lauren’s organization. He is still the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer.

Ralph Lauren was responsible for the Polo design being introduced in men’s clothing. It is a fashion statement that is still very much alive today. Its amazing apparel collection is a result of the wide variety of fragrances.

Early Life

Ralph Lauren was born in New York on 14 October 1939.

Ralph Lauren, the youngest of his four siblings was born to Jewish immigrants. His work history consisted of working for one company from his mid-twenties through his late twenties. This gave him the confidence and interest to create his own clothing line.

He is passionate about collecting cars. He currently has 70 cars, many of which are rare. Ralph Lauren believes in sharing his wealth with those who are most in need.

This is evident in the fact that he cofounded the Nina Hyde Centre For Breast Cancer Research in Washington D.C.

Ralph Lauren is also active in donating to the Democratic Party and is a regular political observer.


Between 1962 and 1964, Ralph Lauren served in the US Army and briefly worked for Brooks Brothers as a sales assistant. He then became a salesman at a tie company.

It was then that his passion for fashion design blossomed.

It was the introduction of men’s ties that led to the creation of Ralph Lauren Corporation. Beau Brummel was Ralph Lauren’s employer. He convinced him to start his own clothing brand for men.

This is how Ralph Lauren’s apparel collection was born.

Lauren’s passion for sports led him to name his men’s clothing line “Polo”. Bloomingdale’s, a Manhattan department store, was selling Lauren’s Polo clothing line in their in-store boutique.

1971 saw the launch of the women’s clothing line. The Polo player emblem was featured on the shirt cuffs. Ralph Lauren’s first independent store in California opened at this time, allowing direct access to its customers.

In 1978, Ralph Lauren’s perfume was introduced along with its apparel line. The introduction of Polo and Lauren, both fragrances for men and women, was a huge success.

In 1981, Ralph Lauren expanded its international reach with a freestanding store in the West End of London.


Ralph Lauren has received many awards over the years including the Designer Achievement Award, and the Award for Creativity in Men’s and Women’s Wear.

Ralph Lauren won Retailer of the year in 1987.

Favorite Quotes From Ralph Lauren

They know that they will look beautiful. They shouldn’t be fashion victims.

People often ask how a Bronx Jewish child can wear preppy clothes. Is it about class and money? It is all about dreams.