What is Richard Harmon’s Net Worth?


Richard Harmon’s net worth is $3 million, as of June 2022.

Richard Harmon is a Canadian actor best known for his role on The CW’s The 100′ as John Murphy.

Harmon is also famous for his roles in ‘The Killing’ as Jasper Ames, and on ‘Continuum’ as Julian Randol. Harmon’s role in the movie If I Had Wings’ was highly praised by critics.

Early Life

Richard Scott Harmon was a Canadian citizen who was born in Mississauga on 18 August 1991.

His parents are producer Cynde Harmon and director Allan Harmon, from the wealthy Harmon family in Scarborough Ontario; his sister Jessica Harmon is an actress.

His acting debut was in 2002’s television series Jeremiah.


Harmon’s acting debut was in 2002’s television series “Jeremiah”. Harmon is a big fan of American football, particularly the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football team.

He starred in recurring roles on TV’s ‘Tower Prep,’ as Ray in 2010, and ‘The Killing’ as Jasper Ames between 2011 and 2012. Then he was on the TV series ‘Bates Motel’ as Richard Sylmore between 2013 and 2014.

From 2012 to 2015, Harmon starred in the role of Julian on the TV series ‘Continuum. He starred in the TV series Van Helsing in 2016.

He also appears in movies such as ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief’ and Dear Mr. Gacy’, Rufus’, & Evangeline, & ‘The Age of Adaline’, & ‘Crypto’.

Harmon was awarded Leo Awards for R.L. Stine won Leo Awards in 2011 for R.L. Harmon and 2012 for Continuum.


These are some of Richard Harmon’s greatest moments:

  • Judas Kiss (Movie, 2011) 
  • I Still See You (Movie, 2018) 

Three Life Lessons From Richard Harmon

Now that you have a good idea of Richard Harmon’s net worth and how he got there, let’s see some of the lessons that we can take from him.

1. Know You

Many people say that they have not found themselves yet. The self is not something you find, but something you create.

2. Wisdom

The beginning of wisdom is knowing yourself.

3. You Are Wonderful

You should not take your dog’s admiration for you as conclusive proof that they are great.

Favorite Quotes From Richard Harmon 

For every character I play, I make a playlist. Music plays an important role in understanding a character. When I’m assigned a role, I spend some time listening to music and then selecting the songs that best fit my character. It is amazing to me.

While I don’t have an acting coach to speak for me, my closest friends are my peers who are close friends. We exchange ideas and help one other to run our lines.