What is Riff Raff’s Net Value?


Riff Raff’s net worth is estimated at $7 Million as of June 2022.

Riff Raff is an American rapper based in Houston, Texas. He was initially managed originally by Swishahouse cofounder OG Ron C. Money Gang Inc.

Early Life

Horst Christian Simco was born in Houston, Texas on 29 January 1982. Simco is the son of Anita Simco’s maid mother and Ronald Simco’s war veteran father. His father was a victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is very common among war vets.

His parents were not financially secure and had to work multiple jobs to make ends satisfy. Riff was the second of the children in the family. His mother was German.


After landing in LA in 2005, he began to rap and participate in underground rap battles. He began making CDs with his raps, using borrowed beats from well-known rappers.

Riff was a pioneer in the use of social media. He released his songs on several sites like ‘YouTube’, Myspace’ and WorldStarHipHopHop.

In order to get the attention of MTV, he also did other things like auditioning for reality and talent shows. He somehow got the opportunity to be on MTV’s ‘From G’s to Gents’ and flew from Atlanta to take part in the second season.

Riff got in touch with Soulja Boy in 2011, and was offered a deal to sing with his label SODMG’. Riff also continued making music videos. Two of his singles, Joe Canseco and Marc Jacobs, were instantly popular.

Mid-2012 saw him sign on to Diplo’s label ‘Mad Decent’. He released a variety of mixtapes including ‘Summer of Surf,’ ‘Birth of an Icon’, and an independent album, entitled ‘The Golden Alien.

Riff has also been very active as an actor. He made a guest appearance on one episode, ‘Major Lazer’ as a scientist. He was a guest on the November 2017 reality show “The Challenge.”


Here are some highlights from Riff Raff’s career.

  • How To Be The Man (Song, 2013) 
  • Neon Icon (Album, 2014) 

Three Lessons From Riff Raff

Now that you’re familiar with Riff Raff, his net worth and how he became successful, let’s examine some of the lessons that we can take from him.

1. Sit back

You don’t need to take revenge. You can just relax and wait. You will be hurt by those around you eventually, and you might even get lucky.

2. It’s only a matter of time

Every action has an equivalent and opposite reaction. This is the law of the universe. It does not discriminate. Injustice inflicted and wrong done is paid back in one coin.

3. Your Turn

Everyone deserves misery, but sometimes it’s your turn.

Favorite Quotes From Riff Raff

I looked like something. You’re being sold a Mercedes by someone and he pulls up to you in a Civic with mustard stains all over his shirt while dipping a pretzel in cheese. If you are not a person, no one wants to hear you speak.

I’m not flying to the games in a helicopter-like Kobe. I was in an SUV when I was stopped in North Carolina. I was in an SUV, even though I had just sold Tarheels Arena. I would have federal agents pushing back everyone!