What is Roland Emmerich’s Net Worth?

What is Roland Emmerich's Net Worth?


Roland Emmerich, a German filmmaker, screenwriter and producer, is well-known for his disaster films. He is the 11th-highest-grossing director of all time.

Roland Emmerich’s net worth was approximately $200 million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Roland Emmerich was a German citizen who was born in Stuttgart on the 10th of November 1955. He was born in West Germany’s Sindelfingen, and his family was wealthy. This enabled him to take frequent vacations throughout Europe.

He was already a filmmaker when he began to watch American and native German films. He wanted to be a better production designer and had always wanted to make a name for himself. This led him to Hollywood.


Roland Emmerich was thrilled with the positive response to his student film and decided to set up a film production company with his sister. His father, a successful businessman, loaned him money and he founded Centropolis Entertainment.

He made his film in English to appeal to Hollywood producers. This was unusual for a German movie. He was clear in his intentions; he wanted Hollywood to be his first stop.

His most successful American film was “Moon 44”, an English-language science fiction film. This film caught the attention and respect of Mario Cassar who reached out to Roland and invited him to a meeting.

His next film, “Independence Day”, was a huge success. The sequel, “Godzilla”, also became a big box office hit.

2016 saw the release of ‘Independence Day: Resurgence,’ Roland’s follow-up to ‘Independence Day. It was a commercially successful film. Roland’s next venture will be about the Battle of Midway which took place during the Second World War.


These are the top highlights from Roland Emmerich’s career:

  • Godzilla (Movie, 1998, director, executive producer, and writer) 
  • The Day After Tomorrow (Movie, 2004, Director, producer, and writer) 

Three Lessons From Roland Emmerich

We now know all about Roland Emmerich and how he made it big. Let’s look at some lessons we can take from him and his movie “2012”.

1. Even God has a sense of humor!

He chose to spare Mecca, but Emmerich also thought about leveling Allah’s favorite hot spot and then living Salam Rushdie-style – before cooler heads prevailed). However, St. Peter’s Basilica is demolished right during a prayer vigil. What was the best moment?

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling depiction of the Creator and his creation is split down the middle. It is right between the two outstretched fingers. Talk about the portents that point to hopelessness. Even the Big Guy has his doubts about humanity!

2. No one cares about India, but they care about art!

What does it matter if you are one-sixth of the global population and 78% of the IT and customer service staff of corporations?

You’re in trouble if you live between Kashmir and Tamil Nadu. You are not going to be saved, even if your warnings about the imminent apocalypse were helpful.

Don’t worry about it. You can redeem the Ark redemption ticket if you’re the Mona Lisa, or any other famous canvases or sculptures.

3. How can you be the world’s best-selling author? Be the last one to live!

John Cusack works as a chauffeur because his last novel, which sold over 400 copies, is his second. Chief US scientist Chiwetel Elofor still loves the book and will bring it with him when Armageddon arrives.

Cusack is instantly a literary hero and the book’s physical presence amongst the last vestiges of human civilization gives him an “even bigger than Oprah” push when it comes to eventual publication.

Favorite Quotes From Roland Emmerich

The United States President is a superstar. He is not like any other person. His life is protected like none other. The leader of the free world could be put in jeopardy by terrorists.

I try to convince people that there should be plenty of material on the subject. They created a few pieces. One is about doomsday prognostications.