What is Sebastian Bach’s Net Worth?


Sebastian Bach is a well-known Canadian singer. As the leader of Skid Row, Bach enjoyed mainstream success from 1987 to 1996.

Bach went on to pursue a solo career, even though he had left the band. After leaving the band, Bach has been a solo artist and has made television and film appearances such as “Trailer Park Boys” and “Gilmore Girls”.

Sebastian Bach’s net worth is approximately $5 million, as of June 2022.

Early Life

Sebastian Philip Bierk was conceived in the Bahamas on the 3rd of April 1968.

Bierk is the eighth child. His brother Zac is an ice hockey star. His father was an accomplished painter. He was the one who painted Skid Row’s album covers.

Bach had a strong belief in his ability as a singer since he was able to listen to his aunt and mother sing at home. When he was eight years old, he enjoyed singing in the church choir. He sang the hymn and knew he would continue singing it for the rest of his life.


Kid Wikkid was founded in Ontario.

 Jason Delorme, guitarist, and bandleader, hired him. Bach was allowed to live with his aunt after the band returned to Toronto.

Skid Row was founded in the mid-1980s by Matt Fallon, the lead singer. They began to play in clubs throughout the New Jersey region.

Fallon quit the band in 1987 and Bach was later seen singing at Mark Weiss’s wedding. Bach and Jimmy Flemion formed The Last Hard Men in 1996. Atlantic Records released a complete album titled The Last Hard Men.

It was finally released by Nice Records’ Kelley Deal two years later. On the VH1 program ‘Supergroup’, Ted Nugent, Jason Bonham, and Scott Ian starred alongside Bach.

Fist, the band formed by the musicians was later changed to Democracy in reality. The show featured 12 days of living in Las Vegas and creating different kinds of music.


Here are some highlights from Sebastian Bach’s career:

  • 18 and Life (Song, 1989) 
  • I Remember You (Song, 1989) 
  • Piece of Me (Song, 1989) 
  • Wasted Time (Song, 1991) 
  • Get the Fuck Out (Song, 1991) 

Three Incredible Lessons From Sebastian Bach

Now that we know everything about Sebastian Bach and his success, let us take a look at the greatest lessons we can draw from him.

1. Music

What’s music good for? It is to make you feel good.

2. Be hard at work

You must work hard if you want to be the best.

3. Other People

Sometimes it’s possible to do something for someone else than yourself.

Favorite Quotes From Sebastian Bach 

“Well, let’s just say God’s truth. What I’ve learned is that alcohol has a different effect on people who are confined to their homes for five months. This is in contrast to the feeling you get when you hop on a tour bus to their next sold-out gig. It’s a completely different buzz. I actually found .”

“I had the to get out my record deal with my former band and get a solo record deal so, with all the paperwork that that entails that it took a while.”