What is Sergio Ramos’ Net Worth?


Sergio Ramos Garcia is a professional Spanish football player hailing from Camas. Ramos is a captain of both Real Madrid and the Spain National Team. He is a central defender and one of the most respected football players.

Sergio Ramos has a net worth of approximately $80 million as of July 2022. This makes him the third highest-paid player at Real Madrid.

Early Life

Sergio Ramos was born on 30th March 1986, in Camas, Spain, to Jose Maria Ramos and Paqui Ramos. His childhood was filled with soccer. Seville is known for its bullfighting traditions, so Sergio initially wanted to be a bullfighter.

Ramos was raised with his siblings. Sergio was introduced to football by his elder brother Rene. Ramos became addicted to the sport very quickly. He joined the Sevilla FC youth team at the age of 14. This is where he began to gain recognition.

He was part of the main squad in 2004 and had a promising career.


He played in 41 games in his debut season. He also qualified for the UEFA Cup, where he scored his first goal. His remarkable performance earned him huge praises and made his way into the major leagues.

Sergio had a big impact when he was part of the “Under-21” team in 2012. Ramos was the youngest player to be selected for Spain’s national team in 55 years.

Ramos participated in three Europ Cups and three World Cups between 2006 and 2010.

Real Madrid began to recognize Ramos the following year and purchased him for 27 million Euros. Ramos scored the first goal for Real Madrid that December of the same year.

Sergio was nominated for the European Player of the year 2008. Sergio has also been nominated for the European Player of the Year 2008 nomination.

Real Madrid was a major supporter of Ramos’s rise to the position of team captain. He scored four goals in 33 matches during the next season.

Real Madrid extended his contract until 2017 because he was a key player in the team’s many victories. His team won the title of champions under his leadership.

Sergio scored two goals against Bayern Munich in 2014’s Champions League semi-final match.

Real Madrid reached the Champions League finals for the first time since 2002. Ramos’ contract extension with Real Madrid was for another five years. He led his team to a record win of 10-2 in a La Liga match later that year.

Ramos is a strong defender in modern football and is currently the captain of Spain’s National Team as well as Real Madrid.


These are some of Sergio Ramos’s greatest moments:

  • Sevilla (His debut team, 2004)
  • Real Madrid (Second team he signed for, 2005)
  • Player of the Year (2005)
  • World Cup (2006)
  • Breakout and team mainstay (2009)
  • FIFA Confederations Cup (2009)
  • FIFA World Cup (2010)
  • Euro (2012)
  • FIFA World Cup (2014)
  • UEFA Euro (2016)
  • Best Defender (2017)
  • EA Sports Fifa (Team of the Year, 2017)

Favorite Quotes From Sergio Ramos

We are still in second place, which isn’t bad. If we finish second, we can continue to build on it and I’m confident that next year will be challenging for titles.

Because my mom does everything for me, I will probably give half of the money to her. It’s amazing to be the MVP.