What is Shiv Nadar’s Net Worth?


Shiv Nadar is an Indian billionaire industrialist and philanthropist.

Nadar is the founder and chairman of HCL and Shiv Nadar Foundation. He established India’s leading computer education institution, NIIT. It was the institution that produced the nation’s first IT industry-ready workforce.

Shiv Nadar’s net worth is $25 billion, as of June 20, 2022.

Early Life

Shiv Nadar, a Hindu man, was born 14 July 1945 in Moolaipozhi Village.

His parents were Sivasubramaniya Nadar, and Vamasundari Deva.

Nadar was educated at Kumbakonam’s Town Higher Secondary school. He also attended Elango Corporation Higher Secondary Schools, Madurai.


Nadar began his career in the Walchand group’s College of Engineering back in 1967. In partnership with many friends, he quit pursuing his venture.

Micro comp was Nadar’s first venture. This company sold tell digital calculators on the Indian market. HCL was founded with an investment in Rs. 1976. 187,000.

HCL entered the international market in 1980 with the opening of Far East Computers, an IT hardware store, in Singapore. HCL reported Rs 1,000,000 in revenue in the first year. The company also continued to manage the Singapore operations.

HCL America was formed by him in 1989 to profit from the enormous computer hardware market in the USA. However, the machines did not receive American environmental clearance.

Between 2000 and 2006, he entered more partnerships and acquired companies to make HCL an international software company. It started with a BPO located in Ireland in 2001, in partnership with British Telecom.


These are some highlights from Shiv Nadar’s remarkable career:

  • Dataquest IT Man-of-the Year (1995).
  • Madras University granted him an honorary degree in 2007

Three Strong Lessons From Shiv Nadar

Now that you’re familiar with Shiv Nadar’s net worth, and how he became successful, let’s examine some of his lessons.

1. Keep Your Expectations Low

Expectations too high will lead to disappointment, pain, and loss. Keep your expectations low, but work hard.

2. Recognize The Change

Recognizing change is a sign that you are fully aware of the situation. When change happens, this will help you to move beyond shock and acceptance.

3. Accept the Change

Accepting change can be hard.

Favorite Quotes From Shiv Nadar

“There is a disconnect between education and work. The corporate sector isn’t skilled enough. The future will see corporates and educational institutions working closely .”

“Once upon a time, the teacher served as a repository of knowledge. It will no longer be this way. So what does a teacher do to help students learn? An excellent teacher will also play the role as an augmenter. A teacher will also be available to assist students .”

There is always a need to reinvent yourself in order to run a business. It is important to have the ability to anticipate changes and get rid of any stickiness in your business .”