What is Suzette Quintanilla’s Net Worth?


Suzette Quiantanilla is an American musician. Quintanilla provided backing vocals and played drums for Selena y Los Dinos, a family band.

Selena, Quintanilla’s sister, was known as “the Queen Tejano music” until her death in 1995. Quintanilla lost her sister in 1995, and Quintanilla quit music. In 2017, Quintanilla, along with a family member, attended her sister’s star recognition on the Hollywood Walk of Dame.

Suzette Quintanilla is worth approximately $3 Million as of August 20, 222.

Early Life

Suzette Quintanilla is a Texas girl who was born on 29 June 1967. Quintanilla was born to Abraham Quintanilla Jr., and Marcella Ofelia Samora. Her father, a singer-songwriter, encouraged her to sing and write music.

She is the middle of her parents’ children and has grown up to be a singer and musician. She and her siblings were raised Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Quintanilla’s father passed on a passion for music to Quintanilla. Quintanilla was also a musician. She began performing with her siblings when her father opened Texas’ first restaurant in 1980.

She was a drummer while her brother was a bass player. The 1980s oil glut caused a recession that forced the restaurant to close in the following year. They began to perform on street corners, at weddings, or quinceaneras.

Her father started the band ‘Selena y Los Dinos. Freddie Records signed the band, despite them initially having difficulty making enough money to keep the car running.

After their 1984 full-length album “Selena, Los Dinos – Mis Primeras Grabaciones”, the band achieved mainstream popularity.

Their album ‘Munequito De Trapo’ was promoted and featured in the Tejano Music Awards, where Selena won the first eight consecutive — Female Vocalist Of The Yearâ€TM awards.

They released three additional albums: ‘And The Winner Is …’, ‘Preciosa’, and Dulce Amor. Suzette continued performing with her family band up until Selena’s untimely death in 1995.


These are some of the greatest moments in Suzette Quintanilla’s professional career:

  • Alpha (Album, 1986) 
  • Preciosa (Album, 1988) 
  • Como La Flor (Song, 1992) 
  • Selena (Movie, 1997) 
  • She attended the event unveiling the wax figure of Selena at Madame Tussauds Museum (2019)

Three Motivational Tips From Suzette Quintanilla

We now know all about Suzette’s net worth as well as how she became successful. Let’s take a look to see some of the lessons that we can learn from her.

1. Good thoughts

Positive thinking refers to the idea that things will turn out well if you have positive thoughts. Optimism can be described as the positive feeling that things will turn out well.

2. Positive Attitude

No matter what, you must keep a positive attitude. You can conquer anything.

3. Self Motivation

Self-motivation is key. Be motivated to be responsible for your safety and your positive energy.

Favorite Quotes From Suzette Quintanilla

For me, the story is what matters most. Not one person on the planet will be exactly like my sister or behave like my sister. It’s not about what you look physically. It’s about how you can convey the story.

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