What is Twista’s Net Worth?


Twista is an American rapper.

He is well-known for his rapping style.

Guinness World Records gave him the title of the fastest English rapper, with 598 syllables he could pronounce in just 55 seconds in 1992. After appearing on the hit single “Po Pimp” by Do or Die in 1997.

His album “Kamikaze” reached the top spot on the US Billboard 200 Album Chart.

Twista’s net worth was estimated at $7 million as of July 2022.

Early Life

Carl Terrell Mitchell was born in Chicago on the 27th of November 1973.

He was raised in the K-Town neighborhood of West Garfield Park. At the age of 12, he began to rap.

Mitchell was married between 1991 and 1999. Mitchell then had a child with his ex-wife. Twista and his GMG group worked with Chicago Food Bank’s Produce mobile team to feed the hungry in the community during the holiday season of 2010.


Mitchell’s first album, ‘Runnin’ Off at da Mouth’ was released in 1992. Mitchell’s second album, ‘Resurrection,’ was due to be released in 1994.

The album was not released nationally due to problems with Atlantic Records at the time and marketing issues surrounding Common’s album.

He teamed up with producer The Legendary Traxster in the song “Po Pimp”, which was a hit single.

Twista formed the Speedknot Mobstaz in 1998 with other Chicago rappers. In 1998, they released their first album, “Mobstability”, which was produced entirely by The Legendary Traxster.

In 2005, his album “The Day After” was released. It included the singles “Girl Tonite”, “Hit the Floor”, and “So Lonely” featuring Mariah Carey.

Twista was featured in a remix of Lil Reese’s 2013 song, ‘Traffic’. He also worked on his ninth album, ‘Dark Horse’ that year. Rumors also suggested that he was in negotiations to sign a record deal for Kanye West’s music label GOOD Music.


Here are some Highlights from Twista’s Career:

  • Get it Wet (Song, 1997)
  • Overnight Celebrity (Song, 2004)
  • Sunshine (Song, 2004)
  • Kamikaze (Album, 2004)
  • The Day After (Album, 2005)

Three Lessons About Wisdom From Twista

Let’s take a look to see some of the greatest lessons we can learn about wisdom from him:

1. Be Authentic

Believe in yourself and be authentic.

2. Passion is a virtue

Find a passion for what you do and believe it will succeed.

3. Be Patient

You can’t achieve success in a single night. It takes patience to succeed.

Favorite Quotes From Twista

It was great to be around him and see his growth. I have been with many artists since the beginning and witnessed their growth. It’s amazing to see the same level of confidence that he has today as when he was a young man.

There are many things. One thing is certain: people look at where they are performing. Although I don’t believe that people consider this important, I always look for eye contact. Some people are shy and look down on the stage.