What is Vladimir Lisin’s Net Worth?


Vladimir Lisin, is a Russian billionaire businessman.

Lisin is chairman and shareholder at Novolipetsk. This Russian steel company is one of Russia’s four largest. He is an international authority on metallurgical process; he holds several patents and has published more than 100 articles, including 15 monographs, on metallurgy.

Lisin is one of the most wealthy men in Russia.

Vladimir Lisin’s net worth was estimated at $24 billion as of June 2022.

Early Life

Vladimir Sergeyevich Lisin was born in Ivanovo, Russia on 7 May 1956.

Lisin was awarded a Master’s Degree in Metal Engineering by the Central Research Institute in 1989.

Lisin was awarded a Diploma of the Higher Commercial School under the All-Union Academy of Foreign Trade of People’s Friendship Order in 1990. This training program covers “Administration, activity management of joint ventures on the territory of the USSR”.


Lisin was hired for his first job in 1975. Lisin rose up the ranks to become a section manager, shop manager (1979), and deputy chief engineer ( 1986).

He was part of a group of determined traders that took control of Russia’s aluminum and steel industries in 1992. He was given 13% of the firm after the partners split in 2000. Later, he gained a controlling share.

Lisin has served as a director on several Russian metal producers’ boards, including NLMK (MMK), Sayansk, and Novokuznetsk Aluminium Plants. She also served on the Novolipetsk Steel board of directors.

He was also a member of the Zenit Bank’s board of directors. He is still a member of the Novolipetskii Metallurgical Combine’s board of directors, which was one of Russia’s largest steel companies, and he did so in 1998.

Apart from steel, his business interests include transportation and logistics. He holds stakes at St Petersburg Sea Port and Tuapse Commodity Sea Ports, North-Western Shipping Company, and Volga Shipping Company.

What Does Vladimir Lisin Do With His Money

Vladimir Lisin invests some of his wealth in real estate and yachts.

Lisin used dividends of the company to buy United Cargo Logistics Holding.

Freight One, UCL Port, and VBTH through UCL are all his. Timmerman Yachts built the yacht Socrat in 2010.

Vladimir Lisin is the owner of Aberuchill Castle. The castle is located in Perthshire, Scotland. Built in the 17 century, the castle is now a tourist attraction. Lisin also has a house in Geneva and a residence near Moscow in Barvikha.


These are the top highlights of Vladimir Lisin’s career:

  • Chairman and majority shareholder of Novolipetsk
  • Lisin joined a group of tenacious traders the Trans-World Group (1992)

Three Life Lessons From Vladimir Lisin

Now that you are familiar with Vladimir Lisin’s networth and his success, let’s look at some of the lessons he has taught us.

1. Passion

Passion for your dream will keep it fresh and exciting.

2. Routines

It’s not enough to go through the same routine. And, more importantly, it won’t keep you motivated to learn.

3. Work

Don’t give up on work. You can’t live without work.

Favorite Quotes from Vladimir Lisin

“My efforts to revive these disciplines in Europe have revealed that gender equality is still impossible, and in some disciplines, the number of participants is falling.”

“Any sport that is popular should be entertaining to the viewers in order to keep the tradition alive.” Shooting sport is a great hobby for those who already shoot. It is wrong to restrict ourselves to a small group of shooters at shooting clubs. We must expand our audience.