What is Wynonna Judd’s Net Worth?


Wynonna Judd is an American country music singer.

Judd, a multi-award singer, is one of America’s most well-respected and honored female country singers of the 1990s. Wynonna is the sole credit for all of her albums and tracks. In the 1980s, she rose to prominence. Together with Naomi, she started country music called The Judds. In 1991, the Judds broke up.

Wynonna Judd’s net worth is approximately $20 million as of June 2022.

Early Life

Christine Claire Ciminella was born in Ashland Kentucky on the 30thof May 1964. Her mother was abandoned by her boyfriend who gave her the name Michael Ciminella.

Her younger half-sister was an actress. Ciminella, who was born in Kentucky in 1976, was inspired by country music her mother listened to.


The Judds moved from California to Tennessee in 1979 to pursue their musical career. Between 1983-91, 23 of their hit songs were charted on the Billboard Hot Country Singles lists. They also released eight albums. They had sold more than 20,000,000 records in the world, and they won over 60 industry awards.

Judd signed to MCA Records solo after the duo parted. She first performed solo on TV in 1992 at the American Music Awards.

Judd’s 1996 album ‘Revelations’ was certified platinum. Her fourth album, ‘The other Side’ was her fourth under the MCA labels.

Judd released her fifth album, “New Day Dawning”, in 1999. 2003 saw the release of her next album, titled ‘What The World Needs Now Is Love.

She voiced Molly Cule, the character in the animated “The Magic School Bus”. 1999 was her first appearance on Blue’s Clues. She appeared as a guest singer on the fifth series of ‘Touched by an Angel.

How Does Wynonna Judd Spend Her Money

Wynonna Judd resides near her family and has donated a lot to various charities.

Judd is the proud owner of a lovely home in Leipers Fork. This property is home to Judd, a country singer. Between her home and that of her sister Ashley, she owns lots of lands.

Judd has been involved in charity work over the years. She has supported the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, Child Safety Networks, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundations, GRAMMY Foundations, Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundations, and Metro Christmas Basket Charities, among others.


These are the top highlights of Wynonna Judd’s career:

  • Is It Over Yet (Song, 1993) 
  • Rock Bottom (Song, 1993) 
  • To Be Loved By You (Song, 1996) 
  • Going Nowhere (Song, 2000) 

Three Powerful Lessons From Wynonna Judd

Now that you’re familiar with Wynonna Judd and her net worth, let’s look at some of the lessons she can teach us.

1. Fill Your Cup

Your cup must be full. The overflowing cup is then thrown away, but you still have a cupful to drink.

2. Inside Out

It is important to heal from the inside.

3. Failures

Failures and successes are essential for learning.

Favorite Quotes From Wynonna Judd

This is a special time for making sacred connections. It has nothing to do with two men sitting in a boardroom trying to put together two artists. They know that it’s going to be number one.

The record I wanted to make a sound as interesting and musically was my goal. It’s more of a soundtrack, where the music speaks more. The record was recorded with these distinctive 1930s drums, which I used on all of it. It was a very distinctive instrument that caused a reaction in the band and changed their approach to instrumentation.