Top 10 Celebrity Yearbook Photos

Prior to social media, our only way to recall our high school years was through our yearbooks. Each classmate’s photo and all group photos are signed and will be treasured for many years. It takes only seconds to share your entire life on social media.

Take a look at some of these famous celebrities’ yearbook photos!

10 Tom Cruise

The next actor was raised in New York City and Canada, where he received a Catholic education. Tom Cruise went to 15 schools over 14 years. For his senior year, he attended Glen Ridge High School in New Jersey. He graduated in 1980. After graduation, he starred in his high-school play and went on to pursue acting. Cruise returned to New York, where he was cast as Risky Business and Top Gun in two incredible movies of the 1980s.

He has been married three more times and each one is more memorable than the last. Mimi Rogers was his first wife. He and Cruise joined the Church of Scientology where he remains a member today. Cruise divorced Mimi Rogers and married Nicole Kidman. He then dated Penelope Cruz and later married Katie Holmes. He said Scientology had influenced their relationships and that Holmes even divorced him in order to protect Suri, their daughter from the Church.