Top 10 Women of Star Trek & Where Are They Now

Star Trek was an enthralling and visually striking show that came out many years before its time. The episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation just kept getting better. The Next Generation was just one of many reboots of Star Trek. However, the series was so successful that they could continue it for years. The Next Generation set new standards in creativity and casting. They chose many multicultural actors and actresses.

Castings of women were always appealing and many held higher-ranking roles. Even small roles had an impact on viewers all over the globe. Star Trek’s women are independent and strong, and fans love it. Many young women today were inspired by this show and pushed for their dreams. Let’s look at some of our favorite Star Trek female characters and see where they are today.

10 Roxann Dawson

THEN  Roxann Dawson portrays B’Elanna Torres in Star Trek: Voyager. She is half-human and half-Klingon, who served on the Val Jean. She was used to performing medical experiments and was taken by the Val Jean. She and her crew were destroyed in a battle for space, and they joined the USS Voyager.

NOW Roxann Dawson is not only a great actress but also a talented director who has worked on many memorable shows. She directed episodes of shows such as Charmed, The O.C. and Close to Home, Heroes, Hawthornes, Cold Case, The Mentalist, Treme, and The O.C. She was also the director of one episode of Lie to Me and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Dawson was married to Casey Biggs before getting divorced. After meeting Eric Dawon on Nightingales’ set, she married him. He was a casting director and they instantly hit it off. They are still married today.